Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Weekend of Antiques!

Cory and I celebrated our 1 yr wedding anniversary this past Sunday... so Friday, we took off to another part of PA for a long weekend of visiting antique shops! Cory worked hard at compiling a list of places that we could visit and his parents were nice enough to let us use their truck and GPS! The GPS took us to some crazy places... it was really odd! But we managed to fill our days despite some of those set backs!

We stopped at this one store that was more of a mess than a shop (seriously more crap on the floor to step around than on the shelves!)... and got stuck there because the owner liked to hear himself talk! We were literally there for an hour and were only able to leave because another unsuspecting couple came in and saved us!! At another store, we were at the checkout counter and there was a guy being checked out... and he was literally reading a book while the woman was ringing up his items. When she had to ask him a question or tell him his total.. he acted ANNOYED that she was interrupting his reading! It was really rude and strange!! Sheesh!

Oh well!

Now, I am no expert on antiques. I just like to find fun and unique things! So, here are some of the items Cory and I picked up:

I love old jars and bottles! I can always find something to put inside of them or a place to display them! That green one is an old Mountain Dew bottle. On the back it says "It'll Tickle Yore Innards!"--LOL! I also got the little kids Snoopy silverware. I'm not a collector of Snoopy, however, I remember having a Big Bird silverware set when I was a kid and I loved it. I think it will be fun to collect character silverware (not the crummy plastic crap you get these days) for my kids. I looked on the back and the silverware I picked up is from the 1950's! FUN! I also like little fun and funky salt & pepper shakers (such as the cute little blue birds in the pic!)... and I picked up a couple of rolls of PA Dutch fabric as well! Oh yes, and the large spool!

This small printers drawer was a great find! As soon as we got home, Cory put some things on the back to hang it (I still need to decide where to put it!).

We found some printers blocks to display on the shelf (the two on the right are HIRES ROOTBEER... fun!)... and also a couple of little figurines and a mini bottle.

I posted about my other printer drawer last year... and I may have to post about it again... it's gotten really full as I'm always on the look out for little knick knacks to display!

My mom makes awesome homemade apple sauce, so I couldn't pass this up so that I can start making my own!!

There were some really great old cards and postcards at many of the stores! Even LEATHER ones! They were really old and had the post marks and everything on them! I never knew you could send a leather postcard in the mail! At one of the stores, I picked up several vintage Japanese postcards with funny sayings on them!

I also found a couple of chairs... but I didn't take a picture of them yet! I will save that for another post because I am getting some other chairs as well. I was hoping to find a table and chairs for our kitchen since our current one is less than desirable (to me). We found a cool table, but didn't purchase it because we were afraid that it would be too big for our little space. I did, however, buy some chairs that I still need to pick up at a place in my hometown! Like I said, I'll post about that at another time!

Over all it was a nice weekend and we saw a lot of fun stuff! It's hard to believe Cory and I have been married a year... but it's been the best year through all of the ups and downs!!

I'm off to get some housework done!!


  1. WOW!!! It looks like you found a lot of great items!!! :) I love the printers blocks!!! :)

  2. Awesome finds!! Sounds like a funny and fun time!

  3. Love the things you found and am so happy for your one year anniversary!


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