Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Eloise,

     I took you to the Fair today.  It was awesome!  You really didn't know what to expect... but you were all about it from the moment your first carousel ride began.  To watch your eyes light up; to hear your laughter as the carousel went around and your horse moved up and down... was absolute pure joy - for the both of us!  You rode one ride by yourself... but the rest we rode together.  The carousel, mini tea cups, a fire truck ride and the helicopters!  You played the duck game and won a horn.  I played darts and you picked out a pink puppy as our prize.  When we went to see the animals - you startled when a sheep bleated and also when a turkey gobbled (got that one on video!).  

     Thank you for the laughs and smiles!  I had a wonderful day!  I even turned us around at the gate so you could ride the "horseys" for the third time.  

     It was worth every penny and every second FOR YOU.

     I love you so much, El!
     You're my best girl.

Love, Mommy

Project!... and... 30!

It isn't often these days that I get to work on a crafty project.  I know there are lots of moms who work from home and/or craft... but I just have a hard time justifying spending time on crafts and such when I have these two amazing girls at my finger tips!  Though I don't always feel like playing "The Lion King" (among other things)... I try to do my best to be attentive (but hey, I'm not perfect!).

Recently, one of my friends from growing up (who happens to be my cousin!) got engaged!  I am super excited for her.  I was asked to be in the wedding, however, being that she's on the west coast and I'm on the east coast, I'm not sure how that's going to work out.  (There are many factors involved in the decision making process)   But in the meantime, I am lucky enough to help plan her bridal shower!  It's kind of a last minute thing because she and her fiance got engaged only a couple of weeks ago and they are going to be in town in a few days.  Her mom, sister-in-law, my mom and, of course, myself have been working hard to prepare.  I am hoping it all comes together nicely... and I will be sure to post about it.  Can't promise it will be timely, but I'll do my best!

I have these gems reserved for something special....

You'll have to check back in after August 10th to see the finished project!

In other news, I turned 30 this past Saturday!

I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but I did get these flowers from Cory and the girls on Friday.
Eloise helped pick them out... she knows yellow is my favorite!

My wonderful sister and her lovely daughter came over on Saturday morning to watch the girls so Cory and I could go out for Breakfast and do some grocery shopping together.
Can you believe it was only the 2nd time since Eloise was born that we did anything, just the two of us?!  It was really, really nice!

Saturday evening was spent celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday with family.
Sunday was a nice little get together at our house for lunch with my parents and my sister's family.
I am blessed!

And of course, here is a quick shot of the girls.
Dinah is trying desperately to crawl... and Eloise loves that they can "play" now that Dinah is sitting up and cruising around in her walker.

I must say it again...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cory's dad goes in for surgery on his LAST brain lesion today... at 1PM.
I say LAST because we are DONE with this cancer thing!  We want it GONE!
So, if you happen upon this little post, I ask that you please say a prayer that all goes well and that God's hand is on this FINAL operation!
Please say a little prayer for Eloise as well... she is fighting a bit of a virus!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kiddie Pool!

It has been SWELTERING here the past couple of days. 
Yesterday we broke out the kiddie pool! 
It was Dinah's first time in it... and Eloise's first time this year.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Credit Where Credit is Due

Eloise went to spend the afternoon with my in laws. 
Dinah is napping in her crib (Hooray, Sleep Training)...
 and I have some spare moments to myself. 
 So, as I was picking up some toys and books... I came across this one:

Ahh, the perks of your mother-in-law saving things from your husbands childhood!
We have a lot of great books that came from back in the day!
I truly credit a lot of Eloise's vast vocabulary to this book. 
We have been reading it since she was very small.
And she STILL loves to read it!
Did I mention we have two?

... And sometimes I hide them. :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Sweet Pea is 6 Months!

6 Months have flown by... and we are so thankful for each day!