Thursday, May 6, 2010


I recently got this Happy 101 Award from Stina over at Consider the Coffee! We have known each other for probably 10 years... but recently were able to reconnect via blogging and facebook! Thanks Stina!

Getting this award means that I am supposed to share 10 things that make me happy!

So here we go:

1. My husband. I have never known a more interesting person. Most people might be going-- HUH? But underneath his quiet and subdued persona is a quirky and fun kid at heart. I see glimpses of it that no one else gets to see! Not to mention that he has the biggest heart ever. He never ceases to amaze me when we have in depth conversations (usually in the midst of my melt downs)... when he tells me what he thinks of a situation or how he would pray about something. He helps to put things in perspective for me. God knew what He was doing when he brought Cory into my life! (ILOVEYOUCORY!)

2. My pets. Boo and Weezer are our babies... and even when they do something to drive me crazy... I can't imagine life without them!

3. Reading a good book. If you are looking for some good reads... check out Jamie Langston Turner!!

4. Volkwagens. I know, I know... LAME. Hehe... But there is just something fun about getting in my old beetle or camper and cruisin' around with the windows down!!

5. Flowers make me happy. Mostly daisies... but really, any kind of flower is just lovely! I would love to have one of those overgrown gardens with flowers and vines all over and a stone path to walk through. *someday perhaps*

6. Sending/Receiving Snail Mail!! I LOVE writing (and getting) letters! It just makes me happy! (If you want to write to me... send me an email to exchange addresses! I'd be thrilled!)

7. Finishing a project makes me happy! I love to see something come together!

8. Games like SCRABBLE, Yahtzee, Sudoku, Scattergories! I don't know what it is... but I just love playing those games. I am a Facebook Scrabble addict (if anyone wants to play me... hit me up!).

9. Clean sheets make me SO happy. I am probably really weird... but I just sleep better when my sheets are clean. I also cannot have ANYTHING but my own head on my pillow. If the cat happens to meander across my pillow (or anything else for that matter)... that pillowcase is getting changed!

10. Spending time with family. The older I get... the more important it is to me to see my family. My grandma with alzheimer's is a big priority for me when I can make the hour drive to see her. It's also very important for me to make sure I give her and my parents hugs before I leave. If I don't, I get a little panicky not having said goodbye. So spending time with family... and hugging them before I travel home make me happy!!

I am supposed to tag some people to give this award to... please don't feel obligated to post about it on your blog! I know people are busy! But if you'd like to, it's fun to see what everyone writes about!!

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  1. Thanks so much, Nen!!!

    I am so with you on #8!! I am constantly bugging my husband to play board games with me if no one else is around. Scattergories is my favorite! Sadly though, I fail hard at Scrabble.


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