Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to BOO!!

Four years ago today... our baby puppy was born!!

She was the only puppy out of about 8 that came and licked me to death the day I went to pick one out. I knew she was the one!!

Daddy's Girl:
(Here she is on Cory's lap going to one of her first vet appointments. She used to be so little and could sit on our lap in the car! Now she is so big, she takes up the whole seat on her own!)

Boo and I had our ups and downs... she was at home by herself so much because I worked and volunteered a lot. She was quite the naughty girl! But after Cory and his parents stepped into the picture, she calmed down A LOT. I totally credit them with taming her wild side! They gave her so much attention... much more than I had time to give. She used to visit Cory's parents every now and then before we got married. Once we married and moved closer to them, Boo started having weekly visits. Sometimes sleepovers (for days), sometimes just a day visit or a small visit for a walk or two. She is like their grand kid... and she loves them to death! (And they love her!) Cory and I often wonder, if she ever got stranded somewhere.... would she find her way "home" to our house... or to theirs! I am so grateful for their involvement with Boo!

They are coming over tonight for cake, homemade ice cream... and presents! I'm sure I'll post pics!

On a side note: Weezer, our cat, already opened one of Boo's presents! I had them wrapped in tissue paper and sitting off to the side in the living room... and the cat decided she was going to check them out and ripped into one! What a goofball!!


  1. Oh my goodness....It's so weird to see her as a pup! It seems so so long ago! It's so sweet! :)

    And you know....I totally am *not* surprised about Weezer opening one of Boo's gifts...what a stinker she is!

  2. I love that your parents had sleepovers with her! My mom treats our animals like her grandchildren too.

    Happy Birthday Boo!!! :)

  3. Weezer! I want to pet you kitty ka too! This is hilarious! I love your pets!

  4. Happy birthday, Boo! Time flies, doesn't it?


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