Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back Porch Project

Yesterday I got on this kick to clean my back porch. I should have taken a before picture, but I never really intended to blog about it... so I didn't give it a thought before I started tearing things apart. I was tired of seeing the snow shovel, rake and 3 brooms leaning up against the wall by the door... the filthy rocking chair and grill... the pine needles and dried out leaves littering the corners and edges. It was just irritating me. So I did something about it! I moved everything, washed the walls and floor... wiped down the grill and scrubbed the rocking chair as best I could. I even brought out the shop-vac and swept up all of the cob webs hanging around. Then I ran to the store and bought a small rag rug... and then put it all back together again!

Ok, I know... not very exciting... but at least it's CLEAN! And there to the left was one of the chairs I got this past weekend at an antique shop! I have considered buying some flowers to plant in my crocks, but I absolutely REFUSE to buy plants that I will have to bring inside during the winter. I've done that before and ended up with little bugs in my house (even after spraying continuously with plant/bug spray!). NEVER AGAIN! I could buy some annuals, but it's hard to justify spending the money on flowers that are just going to die. I may splurge a little though... maybe. I'd also like to get a cushion for my wicker couch at some point.

I'm not one to really post pictures from around my house... but hope you enjoyed the little peek! Maybe I'll share more as I get my house in some semblance of order this summer (crossing my fingers!).

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Devon! I think it looks great! :) You did a wonderful job! I bet you felt fantastic when you finished! hehe...Boo sitting there, all sweet! ;) Love the chair you got!

  2. Your porch looks very inviting and the little rag rug is a nice touch. You definitely MUST get some annuals to put in crocks, etc.! I know that they don't last but the beauty they add to your life is well worth the cost. You don't have to have a "million", but a few won't break the bank!

    Why don't you make a cushion for your love seat? You have the skill and can find fabric you like on sale, no doubt. Cushions are really pricey and the fabrics never seem to be what you're looking for. Think about it!! :-)

  3. I love that beautiful porch! It looks so quaint and clean!! I totally agree about the plants! They make some very real looking fake potted plants these days! And the best part-they never die! So you make one investment and use them year after year! What town do you live in? It seems so cute!

  4. Looks great! You've inspired me to clean up my back patio....if only I can get away from the computer.

  5. That porch looks very cozy and inviting! I love the furniture and the rug! I could just imagine sitting out there at sunset with a cup of coffee!

  6. oooh I love that rocker in the back corner!! I think your porch is nice and cozy! Now all you need is a nice day, a good book, and a cup of tea and you're all set ♥


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