Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Way of Thinking...

Well, if you read my previous posts... you know that I've been battling whether or not to stay at my job. Yesterday and today... a couple of people said some things to get my wheels turning in this head of mine. They didn't even know that they said it... but I guess maybe my ears were open for once! Anyway, I weighed my options and whats going on in my life (or may be in the near future)... and the logical solution is to stay put. I have 4.5 years in this job... and instead of feeling trapped, I need to feel happy that I've kept this job so long. I'm blessed to have decent hours (5:30am-3:30pm--depending on the day), which makes it nice to have my evenings open to spend with Cory and family, to go to meetings at church and also keep volunteering at the teen center. I get paid a decent wage for not having any education besides highschool and a semester of BLAH college. I have worked up to 8 vacation days. I get to wear jeans and a tshirt and a sweatshirt to work every day (we just had a dress-code talk today... and I am exempt from the appropriate office attire since I work out in the shop delivering and such each day). After emailing back and forth about some questions for this "new/changed" position with my supervisor... I learned that I may get my own NEW office near the warehouse (which means the crankypants who shares my office now won't be able to pull the speaker jacks out of my computer when I'm listening to WORK FRIENDLY music!). I will still get to organize the ladie's Christmas party (last year was a HUGE success)! I won't have to get a job in the next town over--which would cost more gas $! If Cory and I decide to get married, I can work and save... until we decide to have a family. AND... I'll still get to drive a forklift sometimes and be outside--but be able to go INSIDE on the yucky days. If I were to get a new job there would be a whole bunch of new stuff to learn. Pressure to perform my duties well... and honestly, I'm not looking for a CAREER. I think my main problem these days is with my attitude. If I actually say HELLO to people as I walk past them.. instead of watching my feet. If I say that I'm doing well when asked "How are ya?" - instead of "I'm here...". It's not always going to be peachy... but if I look at the future... I think I would be less "stuck" to keep this job and look forward to saving up for a family one day.... than to start from scratch and then have to inform my new employer that I'm going to be a Stay At Home Mom once I have a family. So--that's whats been in my head today.

I'm off to a meeting at church.... Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well... today at work... my supervisor came up to me and announced their (the higher ups) idea of splitting the Shipping & Receiving. That is my job. I am the Shipping & Receiving Manager. Me. I guess on their way to ISO 9001 certification (a quality requirement for our industry)... they decided that having Inventory Control at the Warehouse was essential. Thus leaving the job of Receiving separate from the Shipping (since the inventory controller at the warehouse will have to do the in and out... which applies to the shipping). My supervisor explained that the Shipping/Inventory job will consist of keeping track of all that goes in and out of the Warehouse... what needs to be put on what shelf, etc. etc. Basically, organizing and then keeping it that way by checking everything in and out. The Receiving job will consist of the person signing for loads that we get, checking/counting parts, then moving them to their correct destination within the shop areas. When asked which I would prefer (since apparently I get first dibs)... my reply was, "Well, they both sound pretty crappy." My supervisor agreed and told me to think about it. I've thought about it. I don't want either. I don't really care for what I do now in Shipping & Receiving. It's not bad... I'm just bored with it. But I can't imagine being in a forklift most of the day and having people gripe at me about moving stuff........ or being in the warehouse and not getting out and about (not being able to have my fridge and microwave!!!). This stinks. Cory is still helping me on my resume for that other job I am interested in. I guess I might look around for more job options elsewhere. It just really stinks. I absolutely have no desire to move to either of those positions. If I HAD to... which I probably will... I'd go to the warehouse position.... but I really really can't imagine it. It's upsetting. I want to tell my supervisor that I'm not interested in either and that if they don't have anything else for me, I'll start looking for another job - but Cory advises against that.... and I guess he is right. I'm just so frustrated. Please keep me in prayer about this whole job thing. It seems to be getting worse by the day. Speaking of which - I have to get up for work at 4:30AM... so I better get to bed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Slowly, Now...

Slowly, Now
Sleeping at Last

Just when we think
There is a chance...
There is never quite enough time left
To prove our beliefs,
To prove we are strong.

We just need some sleep.
We just need some time to clear our crowded minds.

But the curse of opinions and their views
Are promising defeat,
Replacing love with doubt and helplessness.

We just need some sleep.
We just need some time (to catch our breath)

The fear that we feel In our troubled hearts...
Is told to be what will make us last.

We'll prove that we are strong,
Though our lines are bleeding through.
We are becoming whole, slowly now.

We just need some sleep
To dream away these fears.
We just need some time
To clear our crowded minds.

This song is currently speaking volumes to me... I created a playlist on my sidebar if you would like to click on the song and listen as you read the words.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Not a whole lot has been going on here. Just waiting to get word from the guy I am selling my car to. We have to complete paperwork, etc. Other than that... I am planning on starting to clean a bit over the weekend. I am having a Body Shop party on Tuesday the 27th and I really need to clear the clutter! Also, Saturday... Cory and I are going to Quiet Creek Herb Farm for a Spring Fest! They are going to be having different activities... I have the schedule at home... but I am interested in the composting talk and they are going to have some walks through their gardens, etc. My friend, Jeremy, is staying there... so we'll have a chance to see him.

Work hasn't been too much better. There hasn't been the fighting... but there is still a level of stress. At least I feel it. So maybe its just me. I am still looking to move on to better opportunities elsewhere.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday... and its a holiday weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it hot in here? Or am I in HELL?

Work was a living hell today. I was in tears most of the afternoon... and might have a lead on a different job. Hallelujah!

It's hard to go into detail because there is so much that you would have to know and understand... but to make a long story short... there is some miscommunication stemming from a particular person... that is then firing up other people... who, today, attacked me over the phone. Literally shouting... so... unfortunately... I found myself shouting back. This went on for a good 15-20 mins until I just couldn't take it anymore and started to cry. I had to later apologize to the guy at the computer behind me for the shouting match. He indicated that he could tell the frustration was rising... and he understood... and he also said, "...but nothing ever changes around here". So true. So true. Not long after the phone incident... I got a nasty gram (email) from this particular person (not the same person I was shouting with--but the person the shouting stemmed from)... and it enraged me even MORE. THEN... I think I mentioned that they moved my coworker, Bill and put in a new guy..... well he just topped the cake! He seems to have the lingering (but never spoken) attitude of "i always do the least i can do"... and ONCE AGAIN tried to pass work off on me (it seems to be becoming a habit)... and I snapped. I think I surprised him... and as much as I really don't want to apologize... I guess I probably should. I know I shouldn't let this stuff get to me... but when the majority of my life is WASTED in this work place... I really don't appreciate the lack of respect that I get. I do a heck of a good job and I am not going to let someone who doesn't even know half... heck, a quarter of what I do and how I do it... throw things into a jumble and cause strife between me and some of my coworkers. Granted, I guess by trying to get a new job... I am partially sounding defeated. But there comes a time sometimes when you just have to move on. Let the people screw the company up in their own time - and just let it all go. Of course, its a scary thought. I do not like change. (Hence, I'm not married)... and the new job would be a 20 min drive east... which is a bit more than 8-10 mins to my current job. But... I just want to be happy. I don't want to feel like a monster at my job because people shout at me for something I didn't even do - and things that they don't understand!

So, all of that said... I apologize if I don't seem like I have a very "Christian" attitude about it... but I've worked at this company for almost 5 yrs... and the respect level seems to decline as time goes on. I am asking for your prayers in going the direction God wants me to go. I was looking at work on the bright side for awhile... to be a light for Him, to be His vessel to the people around me. Season change... and I'm praying for wisdom to know that God wants me to move into the new season that seems to be falling upon me these days.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Celtic... Punk?

Right now we are at the teen center. We've had a few bands play this evening... the latest... Flatfoot56. A blend of celtic... and punk. Quite CRAZY! The kids seem to like it though... and it is definitely throwing off lots of energy! Cory and I have been in the lobby.. its WAY too loud for us old folks back in the theatre! Here are a few pics... and yes... he is playing bagpipes and wearing a kilt. LOL!

If you're feeling brave... check them out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Latest Project

As I was sitting here uploading some photos.... a NASTY little white spider was crawling all over my keyboard. ICK!!! I killed it!

Anywho... I just wanted to share some pics of my latest "unfinished" (but soon to be finished) project. The pictures don't do the colors justice. They are really soft and soothing colors. The mittens are a light almost smokey green and the yarn I found matched PERFECTLY with a mix of colors with that soft, smokey tinge. I like them A LOT! I probably won't post them on Etsy right away because its not really the season... but I will add them to my inventory for later on!

In other news...

Work has been so obnoxious!!! People stabbing other people in the back... lots of talk going on that is totally uncalled for. I am just sick and tired of it. I just try to stay neutral and go about my business... even if it does make me seethe inside. I have decided that I don't mind my actual job (duties, etc)... but I really have a problem with the people I work for.

My friend, Jeremy just moved to town today! I have yet to see him. He moved in from Michigan to live at an Herb Farm over the summer. He's going to be living and learning about all of that stuff. (I don't think his blog is up JUST yet).

My sister is bringing her kids out while she and her husband run some errands... so I need to get a couple of things done before they get here. Cory is coming out also with some stuff so we can transplant some of my wildly growing strawberries to another bed. Lots to do!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Quick Update:

I noted in an earlier post that I had started weight watchers along with my sister last week. When I weighed in today, the scale had said that I've dropped 2 lbs. I almost got disappointed... but I know that I can't expect it to happen overnight. Plus, I was wearing 3 shirts, jeans and boots. So - I know I'm a little less if we want to get technical!

Mother's Day was uneventful for me... since I'm not a mother... however I did give my mom a gift... and Cory was totally busy! He did dishes, fixed my vacuum, cleaned the dog crate, gave the dog a bath, cleaned the dog bed... and even made me dinner and made enough for me to have left overs at lunch today! All while I sat and worked on a pair of mittens (which are totally cute, by the way). What a sweetie! I didn't even have to ask!

On a sad note... my work has moved my coworker, Bill, to night shift and also to another part of the shop. I don't know all of the details... but rumor has it that the guy who took his place was threatening to quit if they didn't give him a day shift job. There may be more to the story, but its a bummer that Bill is gone. I'm sure he'll be looking for a new job soon. But you never know. Also, a couple of my other coworkers mentioned to me today... they saw an Ad in the help wanted section of the Sunday newspaper for MY JOB! Now, we have 2 facilities in town... and there was rumor of the Shipping & Receiving guy at the other plant looking for a new job. So, it could just be that they are wanting to replace him. However, the ad was supposedly for TWO people. So... that has us a little baffled. I am not really worried about them getting rid of me because I know I do a heck of a job... although if they were to get rid of me... I think it might actually be a relief. I guess only time will tell!

Well... I'm off to finish my lunch!! Hope all of you mom's and soon-to-be mom's had a nice Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Give Away at Pink Ric Rac!!

So, I stopped by my sister's blog and she had posted about a give away. Check it out! I will let you see for yourself!!

Pink Ric Rac Give Away

I am fighting a REALLY bad headache... so I'm off!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A "Super" Time...

Howdy. I just thought I'd post a few of pics from tonight.... Cory and I were hanging out and my mom yells for me to come outside. I had no idea what she was doing... but then I saw that she was there with her friend Margie... and they'd gone for a little ride. So... they asked if I wanted to take a ride on "Super". He is gigantic and I could barely get my foot in the stirrups to even get on! And you'll notice that my feet don't even reach the stirrups as I'm riding. LOL! It was cool though... I haven't been riding in so many years, I can't remember. Don't mind my crazy hair... I didn't do a thing with it after I got out of the shower!!

On another note... I sold my car today. Ok, so... it's 1 of 4 cars... If you notice in that last picture, the row of vw's behind me..... the car I'm selling is the light blue bug. The rest of the bugs aren't mine... I have another bug, a camper and a jetta. Soooo... it's good to get it outta here and hopefully back on the road for some lucky fixer-up kinda person. The guy had called me a couple of months back asking about it and said he was still looking at some other options... but then he called a few times the past couple of days and I'd missed his calls. So I called him back and just let him know that it was the $price$... or else my dad was going to pull it into the shop and fix it up and try to sell it for more. I was totally expecting the guy to say "no thanks" - but he surprised me by asking when we could do the transfers! So... yea! I think. I know its just a car... and material possessions can't go with us in the "long run"... but it's name was Prince... and I did get a little emotional over it. (Not while I was on the phone!) I am over it now though and look forward to a little extra money around!

Anyway--I'm working on a headache... so I'm going to head for bed!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Playing in the Mud...

So, yesterday... I was asked through my Etsy Shop to make a couple of mugs. Similar in size, shape, color, etc. I have been wanting to get into the pottery studio... but never seem to have the energy or time. So today, I made time. After work, I picked up my nephew and we headed home to play in the clay! Here is my photographer: Boy, did he like the idea of using the camera! I just had to convince him to be very very careful! But I pretty much let him do whatever. I didn't even tell him to take the pics... he just turned it on and went!
This is me "wedging" the clay (working out any air bubbles)... As I sat down to start on the wheel... I thought "wow, i wish i could do this every day"...
But... not all of the pieces were so successful... and I had to trim them down and eventually scrap them...
None of the pieces looked "the same" enough to make into matching mugs... and after the gabbing of a 4 yr old for almost 2 hours... and the bee attack... and the spider attack.... not to mention Boo running around and causing chaos... I am going to throw in the towel for the night and try again another day. I wish I didn't have to go to work every day... and just focus on this. But, I guess you take what life gives ya.

One final note... Today is Boo's 2nd birthday. I just snapped this shot of her. She is so weird!! (Don't mind the newspapers/magazine on the floor... that's my garbage mail pile!!

I'm off to find some dinner. I've only had 9 points out of 25 today.... Gotta get something in me!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I know I've been M.I.A. for most of the week. I was covering for a co-worker and just felt totally swamped and exhausted! I have been trying to keep up on reading blogs... but lacking on much commenting or posting! My apologies!

Friday night, Cory and I went to the dirt track races to drive a push truck. We had never done it before... so another guy drove, I rode in the passenger seat and Cory rode in the back (and hopped out to grab debris, etc off the track when needed). It was fun. The dirt was flying... one time a huge rock hit the side of the truck. Scared the bajeebers out of us (and ironically enough, I had JUST been thinking about "what if a rock flew in and hit you on the head and killed you"). Freaky. Anyway... I got to push a car once... which was fun... and Cory got to get in a broken down race car and steer it into the pits while we pushed him in the truck. By the end of the night, Cory's butt was hurting from sitting on the truck bed.... and we were tired... and smelled like exhaust! ICK! But it was fun! The races ended before they were over because it rained for a couple of minutes and everyone dispersed. We were pushing a guy down into the pit and when we came back up around onto the track... pretty much everyone was cleared out of the stands and all that was left on the track was 3 or 4 cars that had broken down. I think it would be fun to have Cory drive a race car... :) Honestly though... I don't know how people can afford it! The guy we were riding with in the truck told us that we could probably go half a season on a tank of gas if we had a car like a neon or something. Apparently they get good gas mileage. So, we'll see. With volunteering at the teen center... there isn't much time to do anything on the weekends.

Today, after church, we might go to a flea market. It's kind of rainy though, so it will depend on that. I don't have anything to get or look for... I just like to look at all of the crazy stuff out there!

Oh, yeah.... I started Weight Watchers with my sister the other day! It's been going OK. I had to go to the store to pick up some cauliflower and a couple of other "zero" point items. I am very cranky when I'm hungry... and I only have 25 points... so I have to choose wisely. I can't be wasting my points on crazy stuff!... (like normally I would eat candy or sweets). I did find out that sugar free/fat free pudding is one point for 1/4 of the package... which is like a dessert dish of pudding. Now, I know that isn't maybe the most healthy thing. I probably shouldn't eat any processed foods or stuff with "fake sugar"... but you can't just snap your fingers and switch your lifestyle eating habits. You have to take your time or you'll go insane. And with the pudding, I can have chocolate (for my choc craving), cheesecake or vanilla, etc.... and I can even put fruit in it and it's totally satisfying. And holy crap.. 1.75 c. of strawberries is only 1 point.... and when I measured it out the other day... it was a whole container full! that was pretty nice!!! (Now, if I could just clean up my strawberry garden outside and grow some of my own!). Anyway... wish us gals luck. Like my sister said... it's cheaper than going out and buying new clothes in bigger sizes... and it's a way to move toward the realm of healthy. Plus, she can incorporate it in with her family's meals and help them eat healthier without them even having a clue! And Cory is totally supportive of me (Sorry, Cor, that I am cranky in the grocery store!!!). Onward and Upward!