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Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Days

Holy Moly! 
It's been a month since I posted!
Time has flown.

 Eloise finished up Kindergarten and is enjoying 
spending her days playing with her sisters!

Audra turned 18 months old!
She says all sorts of words and phrases.
She is still a fire cracker (exhausting)!
And is very interested in the potty - woo hoo!

Dinah enjoys "reading" books, writing her letters and playing.

We got Eloise and Dinah bunk beds (but we're keeping them as singles for now).
Out went the old crib and toddler bed!  :(  It made me sad to see them go, but
we were able to get a little money back for the bed and the crib went to my cousin
who was in need of one.  

Audra is using the old crib/toddler bed that Eloise and Dinah have both used.  
They are all three sleeping in the same room now... which means Cory and I 
have moved out of the living room after 10 months!

We've been enjoying the cool, breezy days here with the windows open!
It's been nice to be able to go outside in the comfortable weather.
I also introduced Eloise to the game of LIFE (my old one... not sure what it's like
these days).  It's been fun playing when Audra naps!