Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music Memories

It's Wednesday already!? WOW! Time sure is flying! I have been helping with some last minute things for a friends wedding this upcoming weekend. They are down to a few days... and STILL don't have the seating chart done (and I'M the one who has to hand write all 160 place cards!). Talk about procrastination! I'm sure it will all come together though...


You know how sometimes you're surfing blogs or Facebook and something triggers you to look something up... and then that triggers you to look something else up?? Well, that happens to me often... and today it brought me to Josh Garrels. I was hoping to add his new CD to my birthday wishlist... and then realized this *new* CD was actually from 2008! And he has a newer one out from last year! Guess I'll just have to add them both!

As I was looking at his website, I was bombarded with memories of years past. For about 10 years straight (from 14 yrs to 24 yrs old), I went to Cornerstone Music Festival every summer. It was the highlight of my year - hands down... until a couple of years ago. Gas is just too expensive for the 14 hour car ride... plus tickets... plus food and camping gear... AND I suppose I have grown kind of tired of the little kids running around the festival (you know... those crazy teens!). I know I was a teen enjoying the festival at one point, but as I've gotten older, I guess I've just kind of grown out of wanting to be a part of the music scene. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some music... but I don't care to be surrounded by some of those people who take it just a little too far. I have my many Cornerstone memories that I will cherish (just wish I would have had a digital camera back then!). I do, however, miss some of the concerts... specifically bands like Madison Greene (now defunct), Josh Garrels, Seeds & Friends (Worship at the Beach), Sleeping at Last, Alove for Enemies & many more. Just thought I would share one of Josh Garrels' Concerts with you. I don't know who took the video (but I was there in the crowd that year!) The lips didn't match up until about the middle of the video, but I don't care... it brought back good memories anyway!

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  1. cool groovin tunage! did he actually say tom fullery! i love the rhymin too. thanks for the sweet comment about leading edge. you make my day! good luck with the seating chart!


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