Saturday, May 15, 2010

For the Love of Decorations!

Well... today is the day for the big "wedding".... the one I've been helping with. I know that as soon as I take a shower and start getting ready, I won't be back on the computer. I thought I'd share a little about yesterday with you!

We were to meet at the reception place at 10:30AM to start decorating. I got there and unloaded a ton of stuff from my car... then went and parked it... and waited... and waited... and waited. It was after 11AM and I decided that I might as well go get some lunch since I knew once they got there with the rest of the decorations, we'd be rockin' and rollin'. Off I drove across town, in horrible traffic to Subway. It was the healthiest I could get, unless I had time to sit at a restaurant and eat from a salad bar (Although, for as long as I ended up waiting, I probably could have done that!). Subway was swamped. I knew as the girl kept putting sandwiches by the register, that they were getting mixed up..... but I took what they gave me (even smelled it on the way out... and it smelled like turkey!) then got in my car and drove across to the mall parking lot to eat it. I didn't want to eat in the crowded restaurant... and didn't know if the Country Club would appreciate me bringing it in to eat there (since they have a restaurant right there). So, alone in my car, I unwrapped the sandwich. It was turkey alright! And ham and tons of weird peppers (YUCK!). So I had to take it back and then wait in the ever growing line for a new sandwich! On the plus side, I got a free 6" sub coupon for my troubles! However, having texted the "bride" earlier, I then got a call to tell me that they would be late.

I drove back to the Country Club, after eating my sandwich.... and passed a lovely butt crack on a bike (ok, it was more like disgusting-*shudder*---don't you think you'd wear clothes that fit when you're riding your bike in public?)... only to wait some more. I started trying to get some lights undone and make sure they worked... and then my mom came to help. 12:30 rolled around.. and finally they got there to help!! I didn't even bother to help carry the stuff in from their cars.. LOL. I had other things to tend to!

Oh yes, I might mention that the bride flat out lied to my face about them being late. There were major issues with the tuxes... and one of the groomsman said he had to go try his on at 10AM... and she had just woken up. But she told me that she "didn't know why they were so late, they were ready by 10!". UGH--Whatev.

Anywho... once things got going... we definitely pulled things together. My mom and I were the last two out with finishing some things up, as everyone else had left to get ready for the rehearsal. I took some pics to share (before people get in there and start messing it up)... just don't mind the light coming in through the windows. The white lights look so much nicer once the sun goes down!

It's all a wine theme.... this is the table for the favors and place cards.
(The place cards are set in corks)

This is the cookie table for when people first come into the reception... I made some mean chocolate cookies!!

This is the gift table. The lights on the wine stand twinkle.. which is so pretty! And the little barrel is going to be used for cards!

And last, but certainly not least... is the arbor. This is what we used at my wedding... however this time instead of flower garlands... it's decorated with ivy garlands and grape lights.
I hope to get a better picture this evening when the sun is down!

The wedding is at 2PM and I'm hoping I don't trip up at the alter or mess up my readings. It's a Catholic wedding, so there are some things the priest wants me to do... like bow at the alter and say certain things before and after my reading.... we'll see how it goes. Don't think I'll be bowing... but I'll at least try to get the readings right!

Oh, and I must mention, the grooms mom... who has been planning this all, she has been very very appreciative and kept tearing up yesterday when we were pulling all of the decorations together. That's what makes all of this trouble worth it! I know they are going to love it when they walk in this evening!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

PS: My husband is awesome because he gave me a foot rub last night after we got home. My feet hurt so bad!!


  1. Everything looks beautiful. Even though the bride probably doesn't truly appreciate all yours and mom's help...I am sure the groom's mama does and you guys did a great job! :)

  2. OH it just looks awesome! Sorry to hear you had a stressful day between the sub and the butt-crack:( Maybe once the stress of the wedding is over the bride will be more appreciative as she should be:)

  3. oh wow, that is gorgeous! I really wish they would appreciate your hard work more, but I'm glad to hear the groom's mom does! Where were girls like you when I got married? sheesh. My bridesmaids fought with each other the entire time and were pissy with me for every decision I made, and did not help with anything.

  4. It looks very beautiful, good job!! I am glad that the groom's mom is being appreciative at least, that is sweet. :) Have a good day, hope it goes smoothly for you!

  5. You did SUCH an amazing job! It looks so elegant and you are for sure going to get some good vibes coming your way for putting up with that bride! At least the grooms mother appreciated you! You should do this for a business! Amazing work!


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