Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Place to Hold My Treasures!

I am an absolute sucker for little useless pieces of junk. I prefer to call them trinkets or treasures!! I just find something interesting in old, odd or eccentric items. A couple of years ago, my mom and I were at an antique mall (Cory and I went there on my birthday this year and found an old glass candy jar that I bought to put my buttons in)... anyway, I found this great old printer drawer. I'd been on the look out for one, but was a little picky on the style and look. Some were more "modern" (like from the 50's with bright colors and silver handles) which is not what I wanted. Some were broken. Some had weird slots. When I found this one... I hit the jack pot! And it was a decent price (WOOT!). It has some imperfections, as you can see by the picture... but that's part of it's character! Anyway... Now the fun part is filling it! I have been gathering things here and there at shops and yard sales... and some things that were just cluttering my own house. (The little elves, angel and santa are old bells that my grandma gave me... and on the far right is a tiny white bird--kind of hard to see!) (If you can't tell, I love little bottles... and do you see the armadillo? The snail? The scottie dog?)
Sitting on the couch right now, it looks pretty full... but when I look at the picture(s)... I can see that I have a long way to go! I want to get it totally filled up! It's just so much fun!! Do you have a shelf like this? If so, I would love to see what little odds and ends you fill it up with!

Also while at the Antique place on my birthday, Cory and I saw this AWESOME old typewriter! I really wanted it... but couldn't justify spending the money... and not knowing if we could find a replacement ribbon for it. It was definitely old--but so full of character. Sure, you can type on a computer and use all sorts of fonts and extras... but there is something nostalgic and exciting about using a typewriter to me. It just seems CLASSIC! I am a big letter writer... and I think it would be so neat to sit and type out a letter on a typewriter. Maybe I'm just weird! LOL!! If it would've had a manual with it, I have no doubt that Cory would've been all about getting it and finding a replacement ribbon--but it was just too risky not knowing much about it! Did I mention that I LOVE the sound the keys make on a typewriter? Heehee!

Ok, I am off to make some chocolate chip cookies. Yesterday I made Cory a pie (just because)... Yesterday was my nephew's 6th birthday and we are going to an amusement park on Saturday to continue the celebration--so I'm in charge of making and bringing the cookies! I'm going to turn up the Bluegrass Station and enjoy my afternoon!!!

Happy Friday Eve! (LOL--compliments of That Chick Over There)


  1. You could consider this your home version of Eye Spy, Devon! :-)

  2. That thing is PERRFECTT!!! Absolutely tooo cute! I need to come by your house for a visit soon! I would love to see it in person! :) It looks fantastic!

    And that pie looks GREAT!!! You did a wonderful job with it!!! :o)

  3. by the time you fill up that little trinket holder you will have fun playing "i spy" with neices, nephews and children. its cute, until it's time to dust, in my house that would be rare i'm afraid!


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