Monday, May 17, 2010

My Weekend in Review!

This past Saturday was "the wedding". I have never been to such an emotionless or boring wedding in all my life. However, I didn't have much time to be bored due to the fact that I had to do two readings during the ceremony (I didn't do too bad... just read a little too fast toward the end!)... and also had to take a picture of every single thing that went on with the Groom's mom's camera. (It's a 35mm by the way, so I was constantly having to change film... and will have no idea how they turn out until they get developed!) I must admit, I was beyond annoyed ALL DAY with having to take pictures. And I didn't realize that it was going to be a 2 hour photo shoot from the time the wedding was over until the time they made it into the reception. I barely had time to think... let alone enjoy myself. My 4 pieces of lunch meat before I left the house didn't take me very far into the afternoon, and I missed out on the appetizers due to the grueling task of taking pictures. Needless to say, I was getting pretty cranky! (Never again will I take pictures for someone at a wedding unless it's for myself with my own digital camera!).

I have mentioned before that I am a pretty negative person... and I could go on about many negative things (from my point of view) that happened during that day... however, I shall spare you my complaints. Instead, I would like to share a couple of funny little stories that made me chuckle...

As people were being seated at the ceremony... I had gone to a back pew to say Hello to my in laws. My husband was seating people (he was a groomsman)... and on his way back the aisle, a woman held out her hand to stop him. I was observing, but couldn't hear everything that was said. Later on he told me that she asked him if his name was Chris. He said, "No, it's Cory." And she went on about how her husband had insisted that he was Chris Daughtry and the woman just had to ask! LOL! Cory laughed and said sometimes he wishes he was Chris Daughtry making all of that money! But apparently the woman's husband had been teasing her about a number of things lately... and she was sure he was teasing her about Chris Daughtry being in this wedding... but she just had to ask to prove him wrong! We got a laugh out of that! And ironically, it's not the first time people told us that Cory looks like him! I think it'd be more believable if Cory would wear some black eye liner! LOL... but I'm sure if you put them side by side, they look nothing alike!

Another funny thing... after the bride and groom's moms walked down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony to light the unity candles... they walked back to their seats and a little boy in the crowd yelled, " It's OVER!" The whole church laughed... lol! Little did he know, it had only just begun.... and it ended up lasting an hour!!

I don't feel that it's appropriate that I reveal the faces of the bride and groom... since, you know... they annoyed me so much... however, I will share a pic of me and Cory from outside the reception (after I pawned the camera back off to the groom's mom--which I felt guilty about the rest of the night!)... and also a pic of the arbor when it was dark outside and it glowed (although the pic is a little chaotic with all of the reflections of the white lights!)!

I am so glad that's over!!! Truly, I have never been more relieved to get a wedding over and done with. Cory and I did more for this wedding than our own!!

Then, last night... the Teen Center in my hometown where I volunteer hosted the band DISCIPLE. I helped out with dinner... and then took ticket money and later helped out at their merch table. We had a pretty good turn out... about 100, which in that little town, is pretty darn good! This is about the 8th time we've had them... but this was probably my favorite show of theirs so far. At the end, the singer Kevin gave a GREAT message that really spoke to me about my attitude regarding that whole wedding situation over the weekend (my pastor's message at church really spoke to me in that regard as well... think God's trying to tell me something???). It says a lot about a band when they aren't afraid to get up there and give the Good News during their concert... and the best part was that it wasn't cheesey. People weren't rolling their eyes... they were following along and responding really well. Anyway... it was a good night! I was in charge of taking pics for the teen center, and I just happened to snap this shot of the singer during one of the songs and thought it was funny!

Tired much?? I think so! If you ever have a chance to check these guys out, I highly recommend them! Even if you aren't really into their kind of music, they are definitely worth taking your youth group or own kids to see!!

I am going to get caught up on some cleaning around the house and then hopefully take it easy this afternoon. It's supposed to start raining so I think it will be a nice time to curl up with a good book!! Enjoy your Monday!!


  1. Sounds like an exhausting weekend. Glad for you that the wedding is finally over. lol Cute pic of you and your hubs.

    LOL at the band guy!!

  2. I'm glad it's over, LOL, too much stress! You & your hubby are too cute together:)

  3. Glad the weddding is over!!! That is so funny about the Cory and Daughtry thing! He *does* look like him!!! :) I love that pic of you two at the wedding!! *AND* the arbor and table looked pretty with all the lights on!

  4. Great re-cap! And that arbor looks just AMAZING! So beautiful! Love all the funny little stories! So glad you can enjoy yourself without this hanging over your head anymore...great job though!

  5. I'm totally jealous! Not about the wedding part, because seriously, that sounds like it stunk! I LOVE Disciple!

    And oh my, the arbor looked seriously amazing!


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