Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Never Again...

I don't want to eat cake or ice cream EVER again. EVER.

If you read my post from yesterday... you would know that it was our dog's 4th birthday. Being that she is like our own kid... we had a little party for her with my in-laws.

I spent some time during the day making a cake and homemade ice cream to share for the "party".


I am only praying that my in-laws didn't get what I have! I woke up at 11PM with horrible stomach pains... and well... you can imagine the rest. Cory was sick a little too... but is fine now. For some reason... I am STILL sick and miserable. Food poisoning is my self diagnosis! However, I KNOW I checked the expiration dates on the milk and whipping cream for the ice cream. Cory suggested that maybe one of them got set out by someone not wanting to buy it (you know, how people leave unwanted items on the shelf)... and perhaps an employee grabbed it and put it back in the cooler. Then, I just happened to be the one to grab it and put it in my cart to buy! (I'm never buying dairy products from the front row of the cooler again!!) I guess regardless of what may have caused it... I am MISERABLE. So I am taking it easy today....

Here are some pics from last night:

All tuckered out!!
(Please don't mind my hideous floor... it came with the house! LOL!)

It was a nice evening... until 11PM rolled around!!
I am off to veg on the couch in hopes of kicking this bug!

On a side note: My blog got majorly spammed last night... even though I use the "word verification" for my comments... I am hoping not to have to turn on the "comment approval"... but just wanted to give you a heads up that it may be on the horizon!


  1. Oh my goodness....your blog got spammed? In what way? What happened?

    Boo is seriously the *most* spoiled dog I have ever known!!! LOL. She truly lives the GOOD life!

    I'm so sorry you got so sick! :( It honestly may not have been the food. It could just be a bug you picked up a few days earlier and it just started to kick in. :( I hope you feel better soooooooon!!!!

  2. These are some of the CUTEST pictures I have ever seen - I cannot believe Boo left the party hat on! My pups would have eaten it within 3 seconds lol

    I wonder if you got sick b/c of having so much dairy in the heat? I know that as soon as it gets warm outside, I cannot drink or eat anything with milk in it unless I plan on staying indoors with the AC on. And even then I sometimes get sick.

    I'm sorry to hear that your blog got spammed! From what I've heard from other bloggers, if you take off the word verification and just have all comments need approval before being visible, you can keep the spam from showing up.


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