Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday #25

On Wednesday, I posted about a music fest I used to attend every year... and some of the music I miss from those good ole days. After posting that, I decided to try again to see if I could find a You Tube video of one of my all-time-favorite bands "Madison Greene". (They were before the big youtube craze!) I loved that band. My cousin and I would see all of their shows at Cornerstone, they played in our town like.. 8 times... we would travel other places (even to Detroit for their CD release show... and stayed in their house)... and one time my mom, cousin and I road tripped 8 hours to Cincinnati, OH to see them. I wasn't really a groupie so to speak... I just loved their music, style and the good feeling I got from their concerts. Ok... AND I had a crush on the singer. I think it was his dreadlocks, honestly. Now that they are gone... he isn't nearly as appealing. HAHA!

Anywho--Miraculously in February of this year, someone had uploaded a video of them from Cornerstone Festival a number of years ago. I know this video is old because A. They've been broken up for awhile... and B. Nelson is in this video. If you decide to hit the PLAY button... you will see Nelson Whitehorse on the left side. He is wearing a white shirt, with long dark hair. After a few shows (he wasn't a founding member of the band), I got to know him a little bit. He tried to get me to drink Wheat Grass Juice once - which smelled like a fresh mowed lawn (he was big into natural health). One evening at Cornerstone, we hung out for hours. I ate pasta from a vendor at the food court and we sat at a picnic table while he told me about his days traveling with the Rainbow People and how God made sure they always had food and shelter. He had some pretty amazing stories. After Cornerstone, we emailed a little bit until he got put into some kind of hospital. He was dealing with Hepatitis C and was pretty much dying from it. He had given me the phone number to reach him... and looking back, I should have called... but I just felt weird about it. The next thing I knew, he had passed away. Only in his early 40's. It's unfortunate, but I'm sure he's in a much happier place!
This video makes me smile, just being able to watch him up on that stage again!
(Please note that this isn't one of their normal songs. When Nelson joined the band, they started doing a lot more drum-jam type songs... and the bagpiper is from the band Flatfoot 56. He was joining in for the fun of it!)

Also: I have no comment about the girl on stage-left going spastic!

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  1. Wow! A video! This is too cool! Great flashback, I's sad that he passed away, but your recollection of it all is nice.

  2. Very interesting. Not my type of music but the video was definitely entertaining. That! LOL Sorry to hear that your friend passed away.

  3. How nice that you were able to find this video. Looks like fun. You know that girl was having a blast! Sorry about your friend.

  4. Hey - Cool video - thanx for posting it. Nelson was a good friend...


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