Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Just Need to Vent!!

*Warning, this is a complainy-bum post!*

I woke up at 1:40AM. I couldn't get back to sleep for quite some time due to some stewing that was going on in my active brain. You may remember THIS post... where the Bride-to-be of a friend totally dissed the shower gift I made her... AT her shower... in front of everyone. Well... I had seriously thought about NOT helping with their wedding anymore.

That was 2 months ago... and since that time, I have seen the Mom of the Groom (who is pulling everything together) struggle with trying to get everything done. Since Cory and I are closer with the Groom's parents than we are with the actual Bride and Groom... I couldn't just sit back and watch her floundering. She has been walking on egg shells with everything, trying to let the Bride make all of the decisions (even if they are dumb ones). So, I recruited my mom to come in and help us put their mish-mash of decoration supplies into one cohesive idea for the reception. My mom is a decorating master when it comes to this stuff. My reception was beautiful! (Considering we did it all ourselves--no paying people from a country club or anything)

(Here is a shot of the arbors my mom had built to go over the head tables... once it got dark outside, the white lights made such a whimsical atmoshpere!)
We decided to use one of the arbors (that has been in my back yard since my wedding) for the upcoming reception, which works out since she wants a Wine Theme. Her centerpieces are absolutely hideous.... but we aren't even touching those. We are going to use wine barrels and grapevines, ivy, white lights, etc. We went to the country club a couple of weekends ago to see the layout of the room, etc... and the bride conveniently felt faint when there was actual work to be done (measuring) and had to go sit down. She conveniently has headaches or is sick anytime there is work to be done... (this has happened with other things--not just the wedding). It's really irritating, but it's actually nice when she keeps her nose out of stuff. (I'm horrible, I know) The problem with this though, lies in the fact that she keeps changing her mind or won't make decisions until the last minute... and when she does have a decision to make... she has to lay down because her head hurts.

Seriously, if she has this many medical problems, she should go see a doctor and not stop until they figure out what her malfunction is.

I could go into more annoying detail... but the latest thing is what really set me off this morning. I was at the Groom's parents house on Tuesday evening to go over a few things I was going to help with. The Groom's mom didn't get home until almost 8:30 because she was working on getting all of the programs printed, etc. So Cory and I waited and waited... finally she came home, only to tell me that she didn't have all of the info for the seating charts (I am supposed to hand write all of the place cards). She had tried calling the Bride, but her phone was off... "She must have a headache." I tried to nicely reiterate the fact that I would need the list ASAP so that I could get it done... so she said she would email it to me yesterday.

8:24PM yesterday... still no list emailed to me.

So I wrote a brief email to her and just let her know that I would need it this morning at the latest or I don't know that I'll have time to get it all done (hey, I have a life and things to do!--but I didn't say that part). I heard nothing until this morning... the time on the email was 1:53AM.

Here's what it said:

"We'll get them to you. [The Bride] fell asleep last night & I didn't get the names until late tonight." (Which means, she still had to get them organized before she could send them to me).


The bride fell asleep? She couldn't keep her eyes open for 20 minutes to finish the chart? Where are her priorities?

The Groom's mom has been staying up until 4AM for the past week (plus still going to work!) trying to get everything done! This is getting utterly ridiculous!!!

I am beyond irritated. I know I shouldn't let it get to me... and even though I am normally a negative person.... I have been trying to be better. But I am SO done with this girl. However, I can't be... since she told me I was reading in the wedding (I should've said NO... but I was trying to be nice)... and I offered months and months ago to take pictures of the wedding for the Groom's mom so that she would have more than just what the professional photographer will give them. Also, I committed to help decorate the reception.

The only thing (besides Cory & GOD) that is keeping me going... is knowing that in 3 days, this will all be over. OVER. And hopefully I won't have to deal with this girl again.

**Taking a deep breath!!** and **Exhaling!**


  1. You must have the patience of a saint to be putting up this. At least it sounds like the day will be here soon and then... it will be all over! O my goodness, Nen - definitely praying for you!

  2. I know how frustrating all this has been for you...but just think how the groom's mama must really appreciate your help! Pretty soon the wedding will be over and past and it will all be forgotten. :) Instead of thinking you're doing it for the bride...just do it for God's do your utmost for Him and know you are being and doing the best you can...and just keep telling Him it is *for* Him! :) I feel bad for the bride. She must not live a very joyful life if she behaves this way. You never she gets older and matures, maybe she will look back and realize how *not nice* she was and be very regretful. I know there are times I sit and think about how I have acted in the past and cringed at my behavior. We'll pray she does the same someday! :)

  3. Oh my, sounds like a BRIDEZILLA! You have more patience than I would, sending hugs and prayers your way for this wedding to be over very soon so your stress level can get back to normal:)

  4. Oh wow! I so wished that I could have gone to your wedding! It looked soooo beautiful in the photos! :) You, your mom, and your sister just seem so creative!!! I'm sorry that you aren't being appreciated right now, but, you know that God will bless you!!! ~Jillian~

  5. we are all actors on a stage. play your part well. are you the wicked witch or are you mary poppins. whats it going to be.

  6. try to look for the good in any situation. there is always going to be a squeaky wheel. always. we have to learn how to be happy even when squeaky wheel is in the room. otherwise we sabotage our own happiness.

  7. Oh man...I missed the other post about this because I was in India(looked at the date), but read it now. That is definitely frustrating. I also don't quite understand when people make someone feel weird for not having a job(regarding the other post). I left my job before we tried getting pregnant too(like, years before I got pregnant) and even when giving the job notice they would joke "oh she is already retiring, must be nice" bla bla bla, it's none of their business and I can do what I want! LOL Sheesh, people and their "opinions". Getting back to this post, I kinda feel I've bene in past situations where you help a lot and feel no gratitude. But it's true that God sees it and will bless you for helping despite the issues. Keep the faith girlie and may you get through this fast! haha

  8. Oh my gosh! You are SO going above and beyond for this chick! Holy man! I can't imagine being so frustrated! I'd freak out! Haha! I love your blog and I keep meaning to become a is the day! Have a great weekend! I'm crossing my fingers for ya!

  9. AGHH...sounds like quite the bride!!!
    I kind of feel sorry for the groom! LOL
    Like you will be over soon...

  10. The bride sounds like a lazy-ass!! You're way too nice to be taking on all of her wedding planning / decorating! I hope you can take a very deep breath when it's all over and done with!!


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