Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Internet Connection is Stinking it UP!

I know I haven't posted in a few days.. or 4 or 5. But something happened with my computer and it's wireless connection. Cory came out on Wednesday and spent 6 hours trying to hash everything out... and something still isn't right. He got it back up... but it is constantly disconnecting while I'm trying to do things online. So... that's that!

Thursday was our Prayer Meeting at The Scarlet Cord. There were 8 people who showed up. 3 of us were volunteers and there were a couple of young adults and then some others (older ones). It went well... and I appreciated those who came out! We plan on getting together again on the 10th. Hopefully more people will come!

Friday night... Cory and I volunteered at The Scarlet Cord. Not too many kids came in until the end of the night... probably for the last hour or two. I was kind of worried because - well - its kind of a long story... but the short version................ when I was a kid, I would hang out at The Cord with my cousin because our parents were the volunteers. There were a lot of "street kids" coming in. They'd play pool and such. Well, there was this one guy "Joe" - he's a couple of years older than me - who would talk to us and stuff... and then one day... he got sent to jail. I think it was for stealing. I don't know for sure. My mom would write to him (and a couple of the other kids that got put away through the years) to encourage and keep in touch... let them know we were praying for them, etc....... and one day I ended up getting a letter from this Joe guy. I guess since I lived with my parents... he used the address my mom used to write me. So... we became penpals of sorts. I LOVE getting snail mail! It was kind of silly... I was like 16 or 17... I had boyfriends come and go... just told about life and hanging out at The Cord. No biggie. Well, after awhile... he would start writing things that hinted he liked me. I, in no way, had feelings for this dude. I just liked to write letters... and I was pretty naive... didn't really think about the fact that he may've thought I was writing because I liked him. I wrote about boyfriends, for goodness sake! But once these hints would come about in his letters - and I got a little older... I started getting uncomfortable with writing to him. It didn't seem like the harmless penpal thing I always thought it was. I started writing less and less... and eventually just ignored his letters altogether. All of that being said... because he is out of jail now. After like.. gosh... 7 years or so (he kept getting put back in for one thing or another over the yrs).... last week.. he stopped in to The Cord. It was REALLY uncomfortable! I honestly hadn't given him a thought in so long.. I was totally surprised. Luckily, Cory was there... but Joe would not go away! He kept talking... of course he knew anything and everything about life.... and it was really creepy---he remembered things from my letters from YEARS ago. He would spout out a question... and I wouldn't know what he was talking about......... and then he'd refresh my memory of telling me that I'd once written to him about this or that... yadda yaddda... and then I would remember. It really creeped me out. I was so uncomfortable... thank goodness he is on probation and has curfew. Before he left he said "see ya tomorrow" - luckily... we weren't going to be there. But now I'm on edge that he will show up. Part of me thinks he's just harmless... but the other part of me just doesn't feel right about it. Like Cory said - he shouldn't be in there really... its a "teen center" and he isn't a teen... he isn't there with anyone... and he isn't a volunteer. So... yeah. He didn't show up this past Friday... but there was that lurking dread.

Anyway... enough about that! Friday night.. my niece had a sleepover at my house. We read a few books and she slept in my guest room. The next morning we got ready to go to the mall. Cory and I were invited to a wedding and I wanted to look for a dress. So... off we went... and I can't believe it... I found THREE! I am not a dress up kind of person... at all. But I put these dresses on and felt soooo good. It was a nice feeling! We met my mom and nephew there... and then Cory showed up and we all went for lunch. After that - Cory and I drove up to the hospital to visit my grandpa who had heart surgery. (He had to have a pacemaker put in also)... but the nurses said that he (and my grandma too) was OUT! So we didn't stay. We drove back to my place... Later on that night we had a band from Norway at The Cord. So we went in to help get dinner ready for them... and stuck around for a bit... then came back to my house. Thats when Cory found the little door-hanger thing with a note on it from the gas company. I had a leak at one point.. and a guy came to look at it... and he temporarily patched it up. Well, with the Laurel Fest and moving positions at work... and just LIFE... I haven't given it much thought. Well, this note said that I have till July 20th to have it fixed. UGH!!! Talk about stressing me out! I guess what stresses me is not really knowing what I need to do. My dad said he would call a plumber that he knows.... hopefully the guy will be free... and totally qualified!!!

Only 3 more days till my brother in law gets back from Romania... I think my sister might burst by then! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today at Work...

Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting pics that I took at work... but I just wanted to share with you what my new surroundings are... and my task for the day. And also introduce you to my coworkers.

This is Bob and John... they were shrink wrapping something - I guess. They keep me laughing...

This is my new work area... shared with the guys. It is a bit cramped... and the stool is a bit uncomfy. I have no where to put anything! Notice my sweatshirt balled up underneath.. and my raincoat! LOL!

And last, and MOST OF ALL... LEAST... this is my task. What is that?? Well, that is an electric forklift. It's actually really fun to drive.... but my job is to degrease it.. clean it up... and then I will be painting it - with a brush. Yes, I've been demoted. At least for the day. *sigh*... but at least its keeping me busy... I don't have a whole lot else to do!!! (Aren't I such a doll in my hard hat? LOL! GAG!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Thursday...

If you can't physically join us, please join us in your hearts.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!

I found out this evening that my grandpa is going in for heart surgery tomorrow AM at 7:30. There had been some complications with his gall bladder and he had to get some tests... turns out... he has some major heart probs--and his gall bladder isn't so bad after all. And on top of that he has diabetes. He is a truck driver and after this surgery.... he won't be able to drive. So... he's pretty much losing his job and his ability to get around... as well as the fact that my grandma isn't in much of a condition to care for him. She has a hard time caring for herself - and doesn't even cook anymore! She really shouldn't be driving... so I don't know what is going to happen with everything. I guess I am asking for prayer that my grandpa is able to have a successful surgery... and that our family will know how to handle things with him and my grandma with their current conditions!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Real Quick... It's Storming....

Ok, so it's started to storm and I need to get to bed... but I wanted to report that things went well at the Sidewalk Sale. I sold about 10 items... which may not seem like too much... but considering the fact that I didn't have a whole lot to offer, I was pleased!

Saturday was the Community Praise Celebration. It wasn't very well attended... but those who were there seemed to enjoy it... and we have lots of ideas for next year!! I need to focus on getting more involved in the planning process... and getting the word out better. (Also need to make a sign BEFORE the actual day!!! LOL--this one was on the fly!)

Also--a prayer request.... Please pray for my sister, Katy. Her husband is on a mission trip to Romania... and will be home July 1st. This is the longest they've been apart in 8 years and she is going stir-crazy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sidewalk Sale!!!

So - Here I am at the Laurel Festival Sidewalk Sale! I was SO nervous while I was setting up. Just the feeling of being inadequate and no one wanting/liking my stuff. But I've had a lot of nice comments and I've sold 2 pairs of earrings and 2 pieces of pottery! WOO HOOO!!! My niece is here with me now to keep me company... and luckily... I have my laptop and wireless also!!

Here are some of my home grown strawberries... everyone LOVES them! I am inviting people to take one... and they all seem pleased! And it helps for a conversation starter!!

**WEIGHT WATCHER UPDATE---LOL! Ok.. so you may have read in my previous posts about how I logged in my weight loss... and it took me down to 18 points..... LOL... I'm a geek! I logged it in wrong. I think 18 pts was the lowest they could put me at so I wouldn't starve to death - but when I figured out my mistake... it bumped me back up to 22 points! HALLELUJAH!**

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Few Things....

First, I want to ask for you to please pray for my bro-in-law, Chris. He left bright and early this morning for a Mission Trip to Romania! Also, please pray for my sister and her family as they deal with him being away and handling things (and emotions) around the house!!

The other thing.. is THANK YOU JESUS that it didn't rain last night! It was kind of chilly - but the weather held out and we even had some sunshine for our Laurel Festival Activities out on the street. I am disappointed because the praise band was worried about their equipment getting wet... so they set up in the Columbia Theatre. (So... not many people even knew they were around)... but the Mural went GREAT! And the drum jam went well also. It (the drum jam) wasn't quite what I was expecting... I was thinking... MORE FUNK... less tribal....... BUT - I can't complain... and people seemed to enjoy it! I will post pictures as soon as I can with everything. I am so excited to share them with you!

Also, on Friday I am taking a vacation day off of work (hallllllelujahh!) to sell some of my pottery, jewelry and mittens at a sidewalk sale in town. Weird combination, I know... but I can't make just one kind of craft... I will bore too easily. So - wish me luck!! I will also be having some fliers, etc at my table to promote a prayer time next week that we're going to have at The Scarlet Cord Teen Center - to encourage people to come out and pray for our youth and see where God is leading us... please pray that a lot of people show interest!!! Oh yeah--and Saturday is our Community Praise Celebration at the dam.......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just One Thing to Say...

I have SO much to be thankful for!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Day... A Different Job Description.

I am sitting in my living room. Boo is on the floor at my feet and Weezer is laying beside me... curled up on the remote control.

I must admit... last night I didn't sleep well. I started to drift off to sleep... when the thoughts of work and this week just overwhelmed me. It was a fitful night... I was up with my racing thoughts, then up later because it was roasting, then up because it was storming and the thunder startled me awake. Not to mention the fact that I had to be up at 4:30 anyway... so the constant glance at the clock didn't help me to settle.
If you've read any of my previous posts... you would know that I was starting a new position at work. I actually was splitting my previous position from Shipping & Receiving to just Shipping. I was so stressed about it last night because they hadn't switched our computers over. I have NO office... so I didn't know how I would work at the crappy table the warehouse has... *sigh*. ETC ETC! Well, this morning - after my horrible night of sleeplessness.... I got to work to find my computer already at the warehouse. Of course it would turn on, etc... BUT I was NOT connected to the network - which meant I couldn't do what I needed to do. So it was back to the receiving office to print papers (which printed in the warehouse because they moved it down there until I get a new printer). Then I had to go to the warehouse to get whatever off of the printer... only to realize I'd forgotten to print something. Back to the receiving office... yadda yadda. This went on (among other things) for awhile. It took the IT Guys.. 3 hours and 15 mins.... yes... you read it right... to figure out my computer stuff!!!! OVER THREE HOURS!!! I was a nervous wreck just with all the change and everything. Then, the table/desk I am sitting at has NO room.. and I have to sit on a stool with no back support. I was definitely hurting! Luckily the guys left me alone for most of the day... and I just worked on paperwork. Over all it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting... but I just need my own space. I can't handle being at this crappy table without a decent chair.... (or music). AND... I had to wear my stinking hard hat ALL day. Shall I tell you how badly its making my skin break out!? OI! Anywho... I am still kind of stressed about it. But I will hopefully mellow out through the week. Then Wednesday is the Community Mural that we'll be getting set up to paint, etc. I'll post pics so you can see when its finished - unless, of course.... it RAINS, like the weather is calling for. Let's pray that it holds off a bit.

Well.... my grandma just called and asked me to come up and help her with something at her place. I don't know if I've mentioned much about her - but she is showing signs of Alzheimers... and it's really rough to be around her. I mean, I love her and want to spend time with her... but she just talks about random things. I am so worn out from my lack of sleep last night that I don't really want to go up. But I know she needs me... I will just need to make it a point to come home as soon as I can so I can get to bed. I almost feel like crying - I just feel so overwhelmed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fresh Strawberries Anyone??

Today is Father's Day (duh)... but unfortunately, my dad is sick with a migraine headache. I think it might even be so bad that he is throwing up! ICK! I feel awful for him... but I ran over his Father's Day card and gifts... then pretty much turned around and came back over to my house. I didn't make him open the stuff in front of me. I figured he would do it in his own good time!

Here is a pic of the FIRST round of strawberries from my back yard! YUMMMMMMY!

Since it's a nice day out and all... Cory decided to put up a fence around our over-grown strawberry bed. The whole plan when we did the strawberries... was to plant them in two raised beds. Made sense. Well, time ran out and only one bed got made... but we had to plant the strawberries... (that was last year). So... now we actually do have two beds... but the first one has double what it should. So things are a little zaney... and the weeds have gotten a little out of control as well! I'm not much of a gardener... although I'd like to be! Cory does most of the work... especially when it comes to putting up fences, etc. I tried to help, but he asked me to go back in because he was doing better by himself! LOL! Some help I am! But I figure that if he needs to deal with his frustrations with the stupid chicken wire on his own... that is fine by me! LOL! I worked on laundry and dishes (and took him out some lemonade). Oh yes... and may I introduce you to our little strawberry THIEF? A-hem! Yes, that's right. And we were worried about rabbits!
I also started going through some books that Cory's mom sent over. They are the books from when he was a kid!! There are four boxes of them... just like this one! WOW! I commented on how nicely kept they were... and Cory mused that it was probably because his parents read them to him and then put them away so he couldn't trash them (you should hear his stories about how he played with his matchbox cars. lets just say that it involves a vise...). Anywho. The books were soooo cute and sweet... and I did find some with obvious "cory touches"... check out the artwork.

And he seemed to like the airplane stickers as well! LOL. I especially liked the Bambi book. I have never seen one like it... (at least for Bambi). It's almost like a comic book. It's kind of neat. I spent quite a bit of time going through box #1... now I'm off to rifle through 2, 3 and 4!!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Unfortunate News!

This may sound silly... but if you are at all sentimental... you will understand.

At Christmas time, our church was in a flurry of preparation for the different services throughout December, etc. My mom graciously offered to loan her Betsy doll to play the part of baby Jesus in the manger. Betsy is old and rough looking. Her hair is funky and really, has just been totally loved. My mom has had her since she was a child. Today, my mom was in the guest room at her house and it hit her... WHERE WAS BETSY!? She remembered that the last place she would've been (other than the guest room) was the church. She called and asked if the lady there would see if she could find her. Then she called me and was really upset and crying that someone may have thrown Betsy away. I know it may seem silly... crying over a doll... but this was a special doll. I think she even said it was her first doll ever! I felt AWFUL. It even made ME cry!! So, at 9:30 was break at work.... I punched out and buzzed up to the church to look. I looked in the nursery, the closet, the christmas storage.. and the other lady looked in the choir room. Nothing. The pastor said he remembered seeing her at the CHURCH CLEAN UP not too long ago. He assured me that Betsy was not thrown away then. He knew she was my mom's and he knew that no one threw her away. He'd even seen her not too long ago. But she is missing. I felt awful when I left there. The only hope I have is that she is somewhere at my mom's house... and my mom just doesn't remember that she brought her home and put her in an odd place. PLEASE pray that we can find Betsy. It will mean a lot to my mom... I know we can't take treasures with us to Heaven... but it will break my heart to know that my mom can't enjoy the presence of Betsy in her home anymore.

Also, I did the weight tracker thing for my Weight Watchers... and because of my weight and how much I've lost... I am now down from eating 25 pts a day... to 18! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE! That is pretty much like starving!!! I know I have the Fall-Back Points to use if needed... and if I would exercise - that would give me extra points... but HOLY COW! My choices are - stick with the 18 points and try to keep losing weight... or start trying to maintain where I am. I don't want to "give up" now by maintaining.... so it may be hard... but I'm going to try to keep going.

One more thing... actually... two. This AM... I was late for work because Boo had thrown up in her crate.... and wouldn't go in!! I didn't know what her deal was until I saw. YUCK!!! So I had to clean that up.... and it made me late! SHEESH! Plus - it was gross. Then... My dad called and the damage to my car is $2,500!! The adjuster is going to come take a look-see...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Ride Home... Loretta the Jetta Has an Accident

I have some unfortunate news. Yesterday, on the ride home from my Cousin's Graduation party... I hit a deer. :( My dad and I drove down on Saturday morning... and then had to come home on Saturday evening. It was a 3.5 hour drive... and on the way home... my dad was scanning for deer on the hill sides. ONE deer is all we saw. ONE! That was when it was still light outside and it was WAY far away. Then... about 30 miles from home... it was getting pretty dark and WHOOSH! A deer comes gliding across the road (the interstate) and I tensed and swerved a bit to the left... and WHAM! It slammed into the front passenger side of my car and then flung off the side of the road into pieces. (Sorry if that's a bit graphic). Luckily it went off the road... and not into the path of anyone else (as far as we could tell). We both were like WHOA!!!! and I announced that my whole body ached from tensing up... and then we laughed. Kept driving... and laughed. If I had been by myself I would've been freaking out... totally. But we just laughed and my dad said that it was good business for him! (He's in auto body) So... when we got home... we pulled up to the outside light... and lo and behold... it broke the grille, headlight, bumper, fender, hood and dented the passenger door. OI VEY! I had to call the insurance company hotline... since it was a weekend - I couldn't get a hold of a human. What a pain. I just got this car in October! Sure, it's an 04... but hey... that's new to me! And her name is Loretta - that's what the previous owner informed me when I bought her. Speaking of... I bought her off of Ebay. Pretty nuts... you can never trust buying a vehicle off of Ebay - but I did and it was a GREAT experience. SOOOO... Praise the Lord that my dad and I weren't hurt... but lets cross our fingers that the insurance company will cover everything and put that gal back as good as new!

In other weekend news... the grad party went well. It was too flippin' hot to have it outside... so my aunt got an air conditioner and it kept things pretty cool inside. There was a ton of food... I ate too much for my diet... but oh well. Here is a pic of my niece when we went to the grocery store to pick up a few extra things. I LOVE those little shopping carts!!!

And the most EXCITING news.... TODAY IS CORY'S 26th BIRTHDAY!!!!! I got him a grill.... I think he likes it! I didn't put it together or get a propane tank - because I am just not all about that type of thing. But I tried to get a nice one that wasn't too lame or too over-the-top. He even said today that he was thinking about bringing out his mini grill (for his football game tail-gating)... so that worked out well! My sister's family got him a grilling cook book and my parents got him a whole set of grilling utensils in a case. My sister's boys wanted to help open the presents.. hehe.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Well, there isn't much to report here! I can tell that summer has arrived because there are less and less posts on the blogs I like to read! I have been totally swamped... and plan to be for awhile! I am busy with work (trying to keep my positive attitude)- and I started a good book... which I stay up late to read - then I end up tired every morning (but its the only time I can find to read!). I am actually reading a couple of books at once. "Created to be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl (graciously loaned to me by the lovely Tonya)! And I like to read some fiction as well... which I started "Glimpses of Paradise" by James Scott Bell. It has been pretty good so far. It's not something I really have to think about as I read - I like that! I've also been working on more jewelry and pottery for some upcoming festivals. I haven't been posting anything on my Etsy Shop because I want to see how things go at the fests.

Oh! Sunday is Cory's birthday! WOOT! I am excited for that!

Also, my sister has been doing really awesome at losing weight... stop on over to her page to let her know she is doing a great job! Today is her weigh in... we're hoping to hear more awesome results!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June... crap!

Well, today is the first day of June... it's been a pretty relaxed day. After church, Cory and I went to the flea market. All we ended up buying was a big knuckle bone for Boo to chew on. Then we went to the grocery store because, though I went there yesterday... I didn't get everything I needed. We came back to my house and Cory worked on dishes and baking me Flax Seed Brownies (YUM!)... AND he made me food to take to work the next couple of days for lunch. I'm telling you what! I am SPOILED! I didn't do all that much - besides hang out some laundry and put groceries away. I wasn't feeling too hot. The rest of the evening (until Cory had to leave) was spent watching Gilmore Girls. We are addicted. Yes, me AND Cory. LOL... my sister thinks that the characters in the show talk too fast... but you get used to it. It's funny and quirky and good-hearted. It's something that Cory and I enjoy spending the evening on the couch and watching when we actually get time. Since I don't have cable or dish, etc... we pop in DVDs... and I don't mind really. Having cable isn't all that big a deal to me. Sure, it would be nice to have some other options... but having no TV (besides one snowy channel that gives me the local news in the AM and evening) is tolerable and helps me to do other things... like read! Of course, having the laptop right in the living room does make it easy to access national news... and other things. I have to be careful not to use the laptop in place of vegging in front of the TV. But all in all... I think I do pretty good trying to balance. Sometimes I put off things... like dishes... or whatever....... but I mean well!! lol

Anyway - so it's June and I have so much going on this month! I have a meeting Tuesday and possibly Thursday. My cousin is graduating on the 6th... so I am driving 4 hours away for her grad party. The next day is Cory's birthday (hooray!)... and then Monday is another meeting.. (and possibly again Thursday). The 14th, Cory and I are going with some friends to a baseball game... I think its in MD... but I'm not 100% sure. Then the next week is the laurel festival in my town. I have SO much to do!!! We are having a community mural (this is last years) which I have to get all ready and together. I am still waiting for donations of paint and brushes, and volunteers!!! That night we are also having a drum circle, praise band, face painting, and other activities. Then, the 21st we are having a Community Praise Celebration with a speaker... free hot dogs and drinks... and hopefully praise and worship music (its like pulling teeth trying to find a praise team). That day is a bon fire at a friends - so Cory and I have to cut out early to go to that. Then the 28th is a band a the Teen Center... but I also might have a meeting for church with a possible pastor (our church is looking for a new one and I'm on the committee). June is going to FLY... but its also going to be CRAZY! I have so much to plan and do... it's nuts. Not to mention work and all the stuff in between! Please pray that our Community Mural and Community Praise Celebration will go well! It's been stressful having to get stuff together!

It's funny that my neighbors are letting their teenage son - who is not yet old enough to drive........ take his elementary age brothers on a dirt bike - back the road.... with NO helmets!!! Sheesh. My road is not a main road - although they have to ride on the main road to get to my road. But it's still a busy road... and its dusk! I can do nothing but shake my head... I don't understand some things sometimes.

Well, I hope that all is well for you bloggers and lurkers. I will still be reading many of your blogs through the busy month of June - but I probably won't have a ton of time to comment! I will keep you posted on my happenings as they happen!!