Monday, August 15, 2016

Bread and Braids!

Things have felt a bit out of sorts lately!

I have been getting Eloise and Dinah's homeschool stuff organized...
(First Grade and Pre-K!)

As well as general upkeep at home, Cory with back pain from 
a herniated disc, medical appointments (good news, thankfully!),
a few custom sewing orders (HERE is my shop!),
and then my mom getting thrown from her horse a little over 
a week ago!  It's really put a kink in things, but thankfully my
sister's family and aunt (who live much closer to my parents than
me) have been taking the brunt of caring for my mom now that
she is home from the hospital.  Instead of taking the time to 
write it all out - you can read about the Horse Mishap HERE
(on my sister's blog).  My mom is healing and resting!
That's all we can ask for right now... and are grateful it wasn't
much worse!

Here is a little of what we've been up to...
The girls love to help me bake!

Delicious blueberry bread, made with coconut sugar, 
no eggs and whole wheat flour (and more!).

 Eloise and I enjoy making weird "squiggles" on paper 
and then seeing what we can create from them!

She creates a picture from my squiggle and I create one from hers!

We attended my cousin's wedding a couple of 
weekends ago!  The pictures from inside were 
pretty grainy... but here are a few from outside!
It was a beautiful day!

My parents gave me an Instax Polaroid camera for my birthday...
and I had fun taking some photos at the reception!

And I taught Eloise how to braid!
She was a quick learner!
(I'm talking, maybe.. 30 seconds!)

It has been wonderful having her want
to braid my hair all of the time!
Does anyone else love having their
hair brushed and played with?
So relaxing!

I think she's doing a pretty good job!
Summer's almost over!
Hard to believe!

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Celebration!

Last month Audra turned 20 months old!

And I turned 33!
I had a nice day out with my sister (a rarity!)...
and a nice evening with my little family.


We had homemade chocolate pudding pie...

And I got a few presents!

(Cory knows me so well!) :)

Hooray for birthdays!