Monday, May 10, 2010

More Than Just a Chip...

So, today... I was at my dad's garage.

It just so happened that the windshield repair guy was there putting a rear window in a truck. I had somehow acquired a small chip in my windshield over the winter.... so I asked my dad if he thought the guy would look and see if he thought my windshield needed repaired.

So we walked over to my car and the guy was telling me how it wasn't that bad... it probably wouldn't cause any problems... but he could go ahead and seal it with resin just to be sure.

ME... being the goober that I am... made a comment about how I wasn't sure if it was worth fixing:

"But you see those stupid commercials on TV that make you think that any little chip is going to turn into a major crack!"

The guy looked up at me: "You mean our commercials?

I looked at his shirt... it said: Safelite



Anyway, long story short... the guy attempted to fix my little chip... and turned it into a crack about 10 times bigger than it had been originally.

I probably will need a new windshield in the near future.

He didn't make me pay.



  1. hahahaha, thanks for the chuckle!

  2. heheh! But Oh MY about it getting bigger!! I think he did that on purpose. ;)(kidding!)

  3. Sounds like something I would say, lol! I do think they should replace your windshield though!


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