Monday, November 17, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Dress Reveal!

If you read my post from the other day, you'd know I have been 
working on sewing my girls Christmas Dresses 
for the Holiday season.  
I have to admit, despite using a pattern that said VERY EASY... 
I made my share of mistakes!  
However, I am pretty happy with the outcome.  
And I even managed to make a little pair of baby shoes 
for our new little bundle to wear (assuming they fit!).

Eloise was very happy to have a red dress...
 as that is her favorite color. 
 Dinah doesn't care one way or the other!  
(The fabric has little snowmen on it.  I know it's hard to tell)

I haven't been feeling very well today...
woke up feeling icky.
So I am hoping to have a chance to relax a little later on.

Have a great weekend!
We just had our first little spray of snow, 
though luckily it didn't stick!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Look at Halloween!

The girls are finally over their colds... 
so we were finally able to go "trick or treating"!
That basically means visiting Cory's folks, my folks and sister's family... and making a stop at an Old Folks Home (where my grandma used to live before she passed) to visit the people there.

Unfortunately, I didn't get very good pictures!  It is so hard to get those two to stand still!  But here are several of what I got!  

 (Poor Dinah's head was over-stuffed a bit 
and so her face didn't fit too well!!)

I worked really hard on those costumes.  May seem silly, I know.  They only get to wear them for a short time... but I hope they'll look back someday and appreciate the time and effort I put into it.  And they have been SOOOO excited to wear them.  Dinah has been yelling, "Carebear Countdown!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!"  (She obviously doesn't understand the countDOWN part yet!  haha!)  We got a lot of smiles and ohhs & ahhs at the old folks home.  I am glad Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear could brighten some peoples' days!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas is Coming! Christmas is Coming!

I am done with my Christmas Shopping... 
decided to wait to wrap until I'm rid of this large belly 
(or as "rid" of it as I can be after only a few weeks postpartum!)  
So, of course I have to work on another project since Halloween is over!

Christmas Dresses for the girls!

Cory doesn't care for the fabric.  
But I think it will be cute when they're all done!  
Paired with white turtle necks and tights... I am hoping it will be
as sweet as I envision!  
I even have a little extra fabric left over that I may make a 
little pair of matching shoes for the baby! :)

I will post pics, of course!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

36 Weeks

Here I am... 36 weeks and not even wearing sweatpants today!

That is a major thing around here!  
I usually only wear "other" pants if I'm going out in public
 or I know we'll be having company.  
I mean, who really wants to 
feel constricted by those garsh darn maternity pants?  
So uncomfortable!  

All is well, as far as I know... though I did have some
Braxton Hicks and a few pains yesterday.
They subsided and I didn't have anything much going on today.
My next appointment is Wednesday!

Eloise is sleeping in her "new big girl bed" tonight!!!

 Technically it's still a toddler bed... 
but it's not her crib/toddler bed.
We had a little trouble with her being emotionally 
attached to her old bed.
There were several occasions where even suggesting 
a switch brought her to tears.  But then we decided 
to let her help in the decision making
process... and voila!  She was all about it!
She is super excited that there are drawers underneath!
So is Mommy... 
because that means I can clear out a couple of the
drawers in her dresser for Baby #3!

Dinah was enjoying the new bed this afternoon as well. 
She is now sleeping in El's old bed, though we aren't letting her out
of "crib-mode" just yet. 

It's a little bittersweet to have simple things like this change...
but that's life, I suppose!  And we definitely needed
to make room for Baby!

Tomorrow we head to the doctor to check out a rash El 
developed around her mouth.  We went last week and got
 a cream to put on it.  We are hoping to get the All Clear 
(though there is still a little bit of lingering rash)... 
so we can finally take the girls out in their Halloween Costumes.
Yes, I know it's several days late... but I worked so hard on them...
we are going to make some stops to see family and friends.
We don't do candy anyway... so it will just be fun for the girls
to dress up!  I'll be sure to share pics!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Name Game

If you've followed my blog at all over the past year or so... you'll know we are expecting our third child in the very near future.  You'd also know that we opted (again) not to find out the gender!  It's just more fun that way (at least for us!).  The only bad part is having to have a name ready for a girl AND a boy.  Cory and I just can't decide.  Eloise has given us some suggestions (she's 3.5 yrs old)... one name was Simba.  (Hmmm... not quite what I had in mind).  Here is a list I started.... and Eloise wanted to add on her ideas....

You'll notice "Broby" and "Darth Vader" as boy names.  She hasn't contributed any girl names because she's really pulling for a little brother!!  :)

We've gotta get on our giddy-up... or this baby may have no name come Birth Day!!
(Not even joking!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn seems to be zipping right into winter in these parts!  The weather forecast is calling for a mix of rain and snow on Friday.  I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to it.  I feel like we barely had a chance to enjoy the changing leaves and cool, crisp air. 
But, it is what it is!

 (Playing Peter Pan.... "Wendy" is reading a book to Dinah)

We have been stuck inside for the past week or so.  Not that we go out all that much (this preggo mama is too pooped most of the time!)... but both girls have had a bit of a cold and Eloise has developed a rash around her mouth (which you can see in above picture).  A trip to the doctor to confirm what it was, some medicine... and we are really hoping it's gone by Friday so she can do a little trick-or-treating!  I can't wait to reveal their costumes!  In the meantime, we have been wiping noses, sanitizing toys and doing laundry non-stop.  I'd say that Cory and I both are pretty weary of it all!  BUT, we hope that it will all be out of the way before Baby arrives.  (2-4 weeks!)  I don't have a picture to share because the last "belly pic" I took was atrocious.  But maybe I'll share a 36 week picture next week!  I had an appointment yesterday and things are looking fine.  The baby's head is down, which is not surprising since I am constantly feeling little feet shoving my right side! :)

Eloise has started "school".  She already knows her alphabet, colors, shapes and counting to 50 and higher.... but we are working on preschool type things just to get her to learn to follow directions, penmanship/line control and other basics.  She enjoys it SO much!  She begs me every day to do more.  I know that won't last long, so I'll take it while I can get it!

Dinah is enjoying playing... especially "Weegos" (Legos)... but sometimes will join in for some "school" (aka: scribbling) as well.  :)

Despite the colds, rashes, multiple frenzied wiping of noses, extra laundry and sanitizing... I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks with just me and My Girls.  I admit that I am TIRED, frustrated and can't wait to not be pregnant anymore.... but I also want to enjoy these special moments of just the three of us at home together.  Everything is about to change (for the better, of course)... but it's a little bittersweet to know it won't be just me, Dinah and Eloise in a few short weeks.  I am blessed for sure!  And soon to be blessed with one more!