Monday, July 17, 2017

He's Here!

Dusten Matthew
8 lbs, 7.6 oz

Welcomed home by his 3 big sisters!
(Two of which surprised us with a stomach bug!)

Everyone is well now and we are counting
our blessings!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

We're Still Here!

We are still here, I just haven't made the effort to post on the blog in quite a long time!

Eloise finished up first grade (second grade, here we come!)...
and Dinah finished up pre-K.  Not sure if we'll move on to Kindergarten
or not yet.  We may just focus on learning to read this year as we adjust 
to having a new baby!

Speaking of new baby... he/she is due any day.  
We are impatiently waiting!

Today we are headed to a 4th of July parade!
Hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday with your friends
and family!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Dinah and Eloise had birthdays this month!

The 4 year old! 

The 6 year old!

Each year I write the girls a letter on their birthday.
I also do it at random times throughout the year... but
I make sure to do it on their birthdays.
I tell them a little about themselves, silly things
they have said or done, their favorites, and about
their special day.  Since I got a polaroid instamax
camera for my birthday this year, I took a little
picture of the birthday girl, put it in the envelope
with my letter and sealed it up.  I put their names on
the outside and then stick it in their memory box.

Recently, I had to go out and buy BIGGER memory
boxes!  I went through the old ones and shed many
tears at the memories of pictures, special baby items, 
drawings, little notes and ultrasound pictures.  
There were many sealed envelopes (from me!) in
the boxes.  My hope is that one day when they are
older (out of school or even older than that), they 
will open those boxes and appreciate the memories
and, especially, the words that I have written just
for them.  We never know what circumstances we
may find ourselves in.  If something happens to
me - young or old - I want my girls to remember
the good (and bad)... and how much I love them.
I know you don't need notes and trinkets to express
your love.  We can show love to each other every
day - but I'm quite the sentimental type and I
hope my girls appreciate the time I've taken to 
write things down for them.

I've even started a Memory Box for the new baby
(due in July!).  So far it only contains ultrasound
pictures, but I plan to start adding to it with a letter
or two before baby is born. 

My mom's mother passed away unexpectedly 
from a brain aneurism when my mom was only about 6
years old.  She has a spiral bound steno notebook
(from the early 1960's) that has her mother's 
words and handwriting in it.  It's a journal of sorts that
tells little bits and pieces of her life with her husband
and 3 kids.  What a special thing to have so many
years later!  It may seem silly - but I treasure that
book!  I will never know my grandmother here on
earth, but I have a glimpse into who she was and
the joys she shared.

Do you (did you) keep a memory box for your

Monday, December 5, 2016

Audra turns TWO

We had a princess party for Audra's 2nd birthday!
Cinderella's friends (above) decorated the dining room.
All of the Disney princesses decorated the tree (below).
The girls helped color the princesses.

The girls wore their Halloween costumes!
Snow White, Cinderella and Belle
(though I didn't get a good picture of Dinah as Belle to share!)

We had family and our neighbors over for dinner and cupcakes!

A family picture... with a balloon string down the middle...
and a crying Dinah!  (While Audra and El were being goofy!)

And finally... the last present!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

23 Months!

I try to be on the ball posting pictures of the girls
each month as they go from birth to two years. 
Just something I've always liked to do to see how
they've grown each month.

I totally dropped the ball for Audra this past month.
I was so engrossed in getting their Halloween Costumes
finished that the day pass me by without much of a 

So... I caught her right after her nap.
Here she is in all of her cheesy glory and silly nap hair!

Less than a month and she'll be TWO!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween from Snow White, Cinderella and Belle!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Park Day!

Last week was a Homeschool Day at the Playground.
Our neighbor watched Audra while she napped.
I was thankful for the cooler weather so that the girls 
could wear long pants and sweatshirts (to keep any 
potential peanut residue off of them).

They had a blast!