Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Fall!

I took the girls outside the other day to try to get some Fall pictures.... but then I realized that most of the leaves were already raked up!  At least we had a couple of pumpkins!  And THEN... I had a hard time getting both girls to focus, stay still, look at me, yadda yadda!  You get the idea!  So... this is what we got!

It has been a chilly, wet Fall around these parts... hopefully we'll get a little more sunshine soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Little Halloween... and 33 Weeks!

Here is a sneak peek of what my girls are going to be for Halloween... maybe you can guess?

 I have been working on the machine sewing part of the costumes.... and my machine broke the other day!!  Thank goodness my mom let me borrow hers!  I am hoping that I can take mine in for service and repairs, however it's a pretty old machine (my great grams)... so I don't know if they'll be able to get parts for it or anything!  We shall see!  I need to really get working on these costumes!  Not much time left!

In other news.... I'm 33 weeks today!  Only 4-7 to go!

Ok, so technically this picture is a day early... but same difference!  :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

30 Weeks!

It's update time!

I really should update more, but I spend too much time
 as it is on the computer as we get ready for an 
Annual Fall Festival (this weekend!).  I have been helping
 coordinate vendors and keep up with their Facebook page, 
so it feels like there is always an email to respond to, 
a list to update or a picture or update to post!  
Maybe once the festival is over I will feel like getting
 back to blogging... or maybe not.  We'll see!


I am officially 30 weeks and 1 day! 
There have been no major catastrophes to report.  
Blood pressure good.  
Passed my Glucose Test.
My weight is questionable, in my own opinion... 
but the doctor doesn't seem bothered by it (and he is a stickler!).
I have a hard time getting up off the floor (after playing with the girls)...
it's more like a grunt and a roll than anything!  Haha!
And I have some hip issues when I sleep...
but other than that - little to no heartburn!
So far.

Please excuse my crappy picture!

I must say though... this little one has had the
hiccups WAY more than I remember the girls having them!

I'll probably start getting a bag packed in a few weeks,
just in case!  And I am already working on a sheet to 
leave with whoever ends up watching the girls.
With food allergies, inhaler treatments and routines, 
it's best to be prepared so that someone else will
know what to do when Cory and I aren't around!

Before I go... here's a recent pic of me and my girls!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

On to September...

-This silly girl turned 20 months old this month!
-She has really been growing... went from the 20th percentile in height to the 75th in just 3 months!
-She really does not like to wear clothes (haha!)... we'll have to work on that now that the weather is getting much cooler!  I feel like I am constantly getting her dressed and she is constantly undressing herself!
-She claims her favorite color is "GEEN" (green) when you ask her - we'll see if that sticks!
-She doesn't like most veggies so we have to hide them in other food, if we can.  Although she *will* eat green beans, chunky tomato soup and asparagus voluntarily.  Hates potatoes!
-If she is upset, she will throw herself on the floor.  A favorite phrase is "want to" - which actually means "I don't want to". 
-Her vocabulary is very large and she speaks in some sentences... but my favorite thing is to hear her sing!  She currently loves "You are my Sunshine", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Happy Birthday"... and "Burning Ring of Fire" (yes, Johnny Cash).  She also likes to hum the "Imperial March" from Star Wars, thanks to her sister and 8 yr old cousin... though she has no idea what Star Wars even is.  :)
-Oh yes... and I can't forget... she has been using the potty for about a month and a half!  She isn't perfect... so she's still in diapers... but she's been filling up her potty charts pretty well!  A much different experience from potty training her sister!
-Her favorite toys are "Cubby" from Jake & the Neverland Pirates (constantly carrying the little figurine around)... as well as a "Wendy" figurine from Peter Pan.  A "Michael" (from Peter Pan) stuffed animal... which she calls "My-all"... and her "Suzy" Mouse from Cinderella.  If she can't find one of them she'll call out, "My-all, where are, My-all?!" - it melts my heart, of course.  :)

Her sister is growing and changing every day as well... definitely the in-charge older sibling!  Though they're both pretty good at holding their own!

Only about 10-11 weeks until they're BOTH older siblings!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Christmas Shopping 95% Complete!

I know, I know... summer isn't even over yet... 
and here I am ready to talk about Christmas!
I can't help myself.  With baby #3 on the way, I am really trying to be
 on-the-ball and organized with my Christmas shopping list! 
 I just don't want to be waiting until the last minute.  
The crazy thing is, I have SO many other household things I 
should probably be getting in order before even thinking of Christmas... 
but those things are too overwhelming at this point.  SO... I have almost 
everyone on my list taken care of... and once everything arrives, 
you better believe I'm going to get it wrapped! 
 Oddly, I feel a sense of satisfaction 
about silly things such as getting my Christmas presents wrapped.  
I even help my neighbor wrap hers!

Here is a rag garland I made that I plan on giving to my 
neighbors a little early this year so that they can use it to decorate with. 

I made a bigger one for a friend and sent it to her for her birthday 
(yes, in August)... so I decided to use the left over 
fabric to make another.  Something simple to make that adds a 
little pizazz to holiday decorating!  
I know my neighbors will really like it!

What about you?  Do you do your Christmas Shopping early?
Any hints or tips?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fair Time!

 Last week my mom brought my sister's kids over and we headed
for the county fair!  It was Dinah's first time...
and though she didn't show much expression in the pictures, 
she did enjoy herself.  I think she was just so busy taking it all in!

I was very thankful for my niece and nephews who helped
Eloise on and off the rides, sitting with her and helping her hold on.
I wasn't able to help, since pregnant people aren't allowed on
the rides (not that I would get on while pregnant anyway!)

Dinah's first ride ever!  
The carousel!

I was a bit on edge the whole time, knowing that there are many
germs and many unthinking kids (and adults) there. 
With El's food allergies and Reactive Airway Disease, 
it is just so scary to let her be in such a high traffic, dirty place.
But I always keep her medicine within reach... and there is
a hospital not too far away... so even though I was
on edge, I was glad she could have the experience. 
THOUGH, she did start to break out in hives while on the
carousel (above).  Thankfully when they got off, we wiped
everyone's hands and took a little break and the hives
seemed to go away.  (phew!)

Someone was excited to get on the Ferris Wheel
for the first time ever!

She LOVED it!  
Dinah stayed on the ground with Mommy!

 Once again, I was so thankful for my sister's kids (and my mom)
helping my girls on the rides.  We all had a good time...
I'm sure the girls will look forward to next year
when the time rolls around!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Birthday Happenings

Saturday, Cory and the girls went to my sisters house to hang out 
while my dad, his dog, my sister's boys and I participated in a 
Volkswagen Cruise in the next town over.

 ( ^ Our vehicles ^ )

 ( ^ Several of the maybe 40 vehicles that attended. ^ )

 ( ^ My dad's dog, Nickel. ^ )

It was a very HOT day... I was glad once the actual
cruise started so I could have the wind blowing in my face!

Of course, usually one or two vehicles break down.
Considering the majority of them are 30 or more years old, 
this is not surprising.
(One year there was even a wreck between a few 
of the vw's - yikes!  Brake Check!!)

Guess who broke down this year?


Ahh, yes.
It was little ole me!
Thank goodness my dad is a mechanic!
It took about 45 minutes and a little help from my sister's boy 
and another VW enthusiast... but they got him going again.
Thankfully my dad drove the camper back to my sister's
and I was able to drive the little red beetle back.
(I felt more comfortable that way, in case the camper
broke down again!  It was not a pleasant experience!)

You can see what my girls were up to while we were gone 
over at my sister's blog: HERE!

Sunday was my actual birthday...
it was pretty much a day of rest.

We had planned on attending church and spending the
rest of the day as a family.  Cory was even going to take
me out for dinner (a rare treat!).  But alas, Eloise
woke up in the wee hours with tummy troubles
and none of us got much sleep after that!

 ( ^ My birthday bouquet... beautiful! ^)

( ^ The girls helping me open presents... Cory goes all out
with the wrapping... leaving it in the USPS packaging it came in! ^ )

Add to that my sunburn from Saturday (forgot my
sunscreen, oops!), I just felt pretty miserable!
So we lounged around at home.

 Not much celebrating, 
but lots of love!
(And that's what truly matters!)