Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little bit of sweet... from 1987

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but as I walked past my one end table this morning... I saw "The Story of Jonah" sitting there... and it just CLICKED! I never posted it on the blog! Last weekend, when we all went out for lunch, my sister handed me this book as I got into her van. I opened it up and saw that my dad had written in it... and it was mine from him... from 1987!! I was only 4! I don't know how my sis ended up with it...but I'm so glad to have it. It's one of those things I'm going to hold onto forever!! There's just something about the gifts from my dad that make me feel very sentimental. Maybe it's because my mom did most of the Christmas shopping (and still does)... and constantly surprises me and my sister with little odd ball things she picks up for us here and there. When my dad picks something out, just from him... it is rare! I don't even remember the last time I got anything especially from only him. He's always so busy! I do have a bear that he picked out for me, I think it says "96" on it - in his handwriting. I keep that (with the tag intact--with his handwriting) in good care also!! I think the book might be missing some pages though. When I turned to the back of it, the last page didn't seem like it should be the LAST page. Oh well!! Can you figure it'd hold up so well, as it has all these years... between me and my sister - and then her 3 kids!? Thanks, Katy, for giving it back to me!

By the way, you should check out my sister's blog to see her newly decorated bathroom!! It's adorable! (I linked it up at the top of this post).

I kept wanting to post a pic of that ladle I got... ( just figured out how to check the spelling of that in this blog thing! lol )... SOOOO... I took a quick pic this AM. :) I haven't had to use it yet, but one of these days!!

Tonight, there is another concert at The Scarlet Cord. I have to make a couple of veggies to take in for the Band Dinner at 5. Luckily Cory is going to stop at the store for me... because I don't think I have enough corn to make for 25 people. I was going to make green bean casserole in my crockpot also... and Cory's going to pick up some rolls. Hopefully tonight goes as well as last weekend! Usually Cory and I go in on Fridays as the "volunteers" to watch over the place and make sure the kids aren't doing anything they shouldn't be--but we got a huge snow storm yesterday afternoon. I almost didn't make it up this one big hill on the way home. It's like... a HUGE hill. I had pretty good speed going up... but then this Jeep Cherokee-type vehicle was up the hill in front of me...... and when I came up on them... they stopped!! So I had to stop. I wasn't sure what they wanted me to do--go around? So I realized there were 4 or 5 other vehicles coming up the hill behind--and I didn't want them to lose their momentum, so I fishtailed it in first gear to get past this guy. Once you stop - its hard to get going again! I had to go out around him in the deeper snow in the middle of the road. NICE. But I made it past and the other cars followed suit. I can't believe he stopped. Oh well. I made it home... and Cory made it back to his house--but we decided it wouldn't be smart for him to drive the 30 miles out to my place... and I called and made arrangements not to go into the Teen Center. I can't imagine what the roads would have been like at 11 PM when I would start driving home. If Cory was with me, it wouldn't be so bad--butI didn't like the idea of being out there in a snow storm alone! So, I hung out with my mom - we ate pizza (shame on ME!)... and then I went to bed around 9:45. (That's late for me--but earlier than I am able to go to sleep most friday nights!). I think we have over a foot of snow out there. I would take a picture, but I don't have any good angles to boast about. You'll just have to imagine it! I hear its supposed to be 50 degrees on Monday--so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Hope everyone is staying warm! :)

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