Friday, March 21, 2008

Hooray For Fridays!

Cory's here and he is making me dinner!! We're going to pop in a dvd and snuggle up on the couch. We finally get a Friday off from the teen center! who needs a night out when its just as nice to stay in!?

Work was boring today--although I did prank Bill by putting a plastic "air pillow" (used to package stuff in boxes) under the wheel of his chair. I ALMOST missed it... but just as I was walking through the door from the shop... he sat down and "POP!!!". He was kind of confused... but realized that I had gotten him (because I was laughing and laughing). He vowed to get me back... however we have made a deal.... Nothing that could cause injury or damage personal goods (like my car)... and nothing that would cause us to have to go home and change (in other words... don't put something sticky on my chair that is going to stick to my butt all day--unless its harmless tape!). So, we'll see what happens!! Apparently he has a plan. Cathy and I are going to try to come up with something good for April Fools... hehehehe....

Ok--back to Cory-Time!! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Dinner and a movie on the couch is my perfect Friday night! Have a good weekend!

  2. LOL that's so funny!

    Hope you guys enjoyed your evening!!! :)

  3. Hey There, Girlfriend!

    I was just catching up on your posts and made it as far down as this one. I have the PERFECT trick for you to pull on April Fools Day!


    Go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of really thick foam. You'll want it to be just a little bigger than would cover your dinner plate so you can trim it down. You cut it into a large, flat, round shape. (You can even do two and stack them) The point is you want it to look like a real cake when it's iced. We used chocolate icing - it smells FABULOUS! At this point it LOOKS AND SMELLS just like a real cake.

    You let the person you're wanting to prank try to cut it. The look on their face is PRICELESS! It's HILARIOUS!!!!!!! We did this to Brent's nurses and doctors at St. Jude. (He loved to pull a good prank as much as his mom does) They loved it so much we let them keep it all day to use on other patients and doctors/nurses that came in. It's a BLAST! Oh, the good part is you can keep re-icing the cake as needed and get a TON of people with the same cake. (Have them cut it with a butter knife or something that won't ruin your sponge then you can use it again at a later date) Oh, and be sure to keep it in an airtight container so the frosting will stay moist.

    Whatever you decide to use... make a video and share it? LOL!!

    As for the meme - I hope it'll take off too. I started wondering if one might think I was encouraging complaining. You think? That wasn't my intention.. I'm really bad to start something without thinking of all the ways it could go wrong. Heehee...

    Have a GREAT weekend and ENJOY that snow! We NEVER, EVER get any here in Mississippi. If we get anything it's ICE! Then we're without electricity for DAYS!!!!!!!!! YIKES! ;-)


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