Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok everyone... time for my first giveaway!!

I am giving away a small gift basket full of goodies... and by goodies, I don't just mean food! (Although food is yummy!) This gift basket will have a number of items in it... but I have a couple of more things to pick up--so I will post a picture later!

Here's the scoop. Some of you may have read my previous posts (and watched the video) of the pranks I've done at work. As you know, April Fools day is coming up. There really isn't much time to prepare! I need your help! If you can think of a fun, harmless (not messy) prank for me and my coworker, Cathy, to pull on some of the shop guys... leave me a comment!! We don't want to ruin anything or make a mess... we just want to get a good laugh and have some fun. Leave me a comment with your best idea... and if you want, make mention of it on your own blog (you don't have to be a blogger to enter--you can also email me at Entries will be accepted until midnight on March 30th. Then on the 31st, Cathy and I will go through all of the ideas and pick out our mutual favorite (and the one we plan to use!). If your prank is chosen, you win!!! We will also take video of the prank and I will post it here for you to view!!

A few details about my job... I work in Shipping & Receiving. I have access to different size boxes, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, tape... I have my own office, a fridge, microwave, carpets, computer chairs, desks, phones, a door (watch my prank video to see the general set up). There is also a lunch room nearby with a sink, vending machines, tables and chairs, fridges.... hmmm... I can't think of anything else... hope that helps!!



  1. Oh man I'm gonna have to think about this... I wanna win!

  2. Hey There, Girlie!

    I don't know if you read my comment about the fake cake? I think I posted it under a video a week or so ago? Let me know if you didn't get it? I'm not so much worried about winning the contest, as that I thought it was a REALLY COOL prank! (It's not really messy either)

    I'll play the "tag" thingy later today or tomorrow. =-)


  3. The only things I can come up with are really messy! I remember once when we worked in an office we taped down all the little receiver buttons so no one could answer the phone. Of course, that is really dating me because most everyone would have cordless phones now, wouldn't they.

    Then when we kids, we covered the toilet with clear plastic wrap under the seat. Well you can only imagine what happens next. Of course, that is messy and I wouldn't want to clean it up either! I can't believe I even admited that in public.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  4. Hello, FRIEND!
    Just checking to see if you'd posted again. I'm still searching my little brain for any good pranks. LOL! I'll let you know if I come up with anything.


  5. Okay, I've been looking for some good ideas and found a few of a website:
    1)Toothpaste Filling
    Stephanie wrote, "I work in the outpatient offices of a mental health hospital, so we are all used to silliness. Me and the two other girls in our office scraped out the cream on Oreo cookies and replaced it with toothpaste (and we colored it orange for Halloween). We arranged it all on a plate really nicely, with other candy, and took it down to the other depts. They laughed but told us they would be on the lookout next year!"

    The Fake Bathroom Occupants
    R Hall wrote, "We had a newbie co-worker fire-watching (so he couldn't leave his post) and he asked for a toilet break. We told him we'd send a relief man and went to work. There was only one three-stall bathroom. We went in and placed work boots and pants in front of each toilet, locked the doors and climbed over the sides. We got the kid a break, let him come in and sat back and watched. After 15 minutes of going in and out the bathroom he was literally sweating. We were telling him those guys in the john are hiding and napping and he needed to run them out. Also the relief man was dogging him out on the radio! This kid was such a nice guy, but after about 30 minutes we couldn't hold it any more and didn't think he could either!"

    Sponge Cake-this is my favorite
    Jane wrote, "We had a co-worker who always ate the food in the place but never offered to bring any. One day we got a car-wash sponge and covered it in frosting from the can. It looked like a nice frosted cake! Needless to say she took a knife to it to 'cut a slice.' Hmmm...we laughed about it for hours!"

    The Candy Poop
    Sherry wrote, "Some co-workers and me used to get a Baby Ruth candy bar, make it look like a poop and put it in the aisleway at the car factory I worked at. People would walk up to it and look and just walk on. Most people would walk pretty far around it, like it was going to jump on them. A manager once had someone come to clean it up. Guess his hands were too precious to pick up a turd. We would laugh so hard hoping nobody would see us."

    I hope these help you out. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. You can pretend it is christmas eve and put out decorations and go around passing out candy or empty wrapped boxed gifts saying Merry Christmas. If your serious enough it will have there minds boggled..even through in some christmas

  7. Make a bubble wrap cake and frost it and when they cut into it it will start or even use balloons and frost


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