Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a Few Things....

First and foremost... I have to say that I AM PICKING CORY UP FROM THE AIRPORT TODAY!!!! Woooooot!!! I'm excited--and actually a little nervous! This is the longest we've been apart! It's weird! Hopefully he'll have some good pics and stories that I can share with you.

Second... Here is my nephew trying to help me fold. I cringed at the moment he laid the shirt on the floor to fold it (Dog and Cat Hair!)... but its an old shirt anyway that I'm going to use for rags. So it ended up being OK. I thought he did a pretty good job!

Then, this morning... I was getting ready to make breakfast... and cracked open an egg to find THIS: It pretty much grossed me out. No YOLK!? Is there something wrong with it? Am I going to get sick if I eat it? I didn't want to find out. I threw it away!!

And lastly... when I was at the Teen Center last night volunteering--I got a call from one of the apartment tenants who lives above the Center. My uncle owns the building... so he's the landlord of not only the Teen Center... but the 6 apartments above. Well, my uncle and his wife were gone for the weekend to visit my cousin in DC. So, I had to deal with this guy. Apparently his toilet was clogged. Again. It seems that every other time he uses the bathroom... the toilet gets clogged. And there's nothing wrong with the toilet--if you know what I mean!! So, my uncle has had to have a plumber in there numerous times. Well, last night... there was nothing I could do! The guy was getting a little testy with me... asking me who my uncle had left in charge as "stand-in landlord" while he was away. Apparently my uncle isn't allowed to HAVE A LIFE! Which I understand it's kind of something that needs to be taken care of if your toilet clogs... but the guy didn't need to get snippy at me! (It was an older fellow). So, I reluctantly called my uncle's cell phone... feeling horrible that I may have been interupting something. I filled him in and he said he'd get ahold of the local plumber. So--that was that. Until the phone rang again. UGH. It was the old man... and he said that he got it unclogged. So I had to call my uncle AGAIN... and he had to call the plumber back to cancel. Sheeeeeesh. Talk about weird... weird weird weird! LOL! I seem to attract weirdness. OH YEAH! And one more thing. At work on Friday--when the shift change was going on... one of the day shift guys came in and leaned on my doorway. I asked if I could help him. He asked me "What kind of perfume are you wearing?" - I was a little surprised... wasn't expecting THAT question! So I told him that I wear Patchouli. (I didn't have any on though--but I do have one of those reed diffusers with the scent in my office). So he was lke "Patchouli?" and I was like "Yeah, Patchouli... it's an oil--not really a perfume". And he kind of nodded his head and said "Hmm, I like it.... I think I might get some". Weird. Then he left... and I just kind of sat there - probably with a confused look on my face. Did he want to get some for HIMSELF? I mean, guys wear it too... so its not a big deal--but It was just odd. Maybe he wanted to get it for his wife or girlfriend? I dunno... oh my.

OK--I'm going to get ready for church and then I'll be off to pick up my Corybear!!!


  1. Wow....Cory is coming back already? That time seemed to fly by to that weird? Did it seem long to you?

  2. Wow, that is a nasty egg! I'd be a little worried about it, too!

    Thanks for your comments and advice, by the way! Moms and grandkids are crazy business, so it's nice to have another voice out there telling you you're not crazy!

    I hope you enjoy your time with Cory, and let us know how excited you were when you picked him up!

  3. Yeah, I don't think I'd eat that egg.
    And I have one thing to say to that old guy with the plumbing issues...PLUNGER!!! If we didn't own one and know how to use it I'd be calling the plumber every day between my husband and my daughter who has a penchant for using half a roll of toilet paper when I'm not looking, lol.

    I hope Cory's homecoming was great!


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