Friday, March 7, 2008

How fast can you type!?

While trying to get OFF of the computer... I went over to this lovely blog (HERE) and just HAD to click the button to find out how many words I type a minute! I probably could've done better if I wasn't slouching at my laptop and had a decent light on! Try it! :)
61 words


Cory came over tonight--despite the warnings of bad weather. I still haven't really noticed much of a "storm" out there... but who knows! He is leaving for Alaska tomorrow! He won't really have phone service for NINE days! This will be the longest we've been away from each other! Please pray for his safe travels (he has lots of flights and layovers!). He may be able to get to a computer and if he shares any fun stories... I'll be sure to report! (I know they are planning a couple of fun things)...

I'm going to bed... finally!


  1. I tried it twice..the first time i got 68 words a minute and the second time I got 69 words per minute. :)

    I hope Cory has a good trip!!! xoxo you will have time to hang out with MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :)

  2. You are so cute it's killing me.

    Have a fun party!

  3. I'll pray for your sweetheart as I pray for you.

    AND .. is that your car in the sidline? Oh my gosh, I've always wanted one of those. Very cool!


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