Monday, March 31, 2008

And the Winner is....

Kindra from 3 Guys, A Girl and a Prim Place!! We loved the oreo and the candy poop idea! I am going out tonight to pick up some prank items. (hehehe) Cathy and I have some other ideas up our sleeves... we hope to get them all on video. Check back in the next couple of days to see if I've posted any!

Thanks to the other lovely ladies who participated in my little giveaway. I am going to send them a little something small too for being such good sports!!!

Oh yeah... and Lea, the "tape on the phone" gag... WORKED! But not only did I get the one guy, Bill... he got me a little later! LOL!! We laughed and laughed! Thanks!

Also, the FedEx Guy who we accidentally pranked with the bubble wrap a couple of weeks ago... put bubble wrap under my plastic chair mat at my desk. Cathy apparently stepped on it earlier and it startled her--however it didn't pop when i stepped and sat on the chair, etc. Even when Cathy mentioned something, I had no idea what she was talking about! LOL! He came in later on in the afternoon to pick up a skid and was hinting around about it... and I realized he was the culprit. haha It did pop once I practically jumped on it. Ohhhh.. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I won. I was afraid my ideas were kind of going to be offensive...after I posted them. But I'm glad you got some ideas! I can't wait to hear/see what you did!! I'll be emailing you!

  2. Hi i emailed you my address,thank you so much!!!

  3. You're so funny : ) I can't wait to hear how it goes. I just had absolutely no good ideas for you. Not very creative that way. Good luck!

  4. YAY!!!!! congrats Kindra!!!

  5. Hey there Girlie! I can't wait to see your video!! I LOVE a good prank. I've been thinking hard trying to find a way to get our boys. I wanna have a little fun with them without traumatizing them for LIFE. LOL!!

    I popped that book in the mail yesterday... hopefully you'll get it soon.



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