Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, Brother....

Right now I am sitting in the Pool Room (as in... Pool Table) at The Scarlet Cord. We have had a few YOUNGER fellas coming in lately that like to be a little rowdy at times. They really aren't old enough to be in here without an adult--however, my uncle (The President of the Cord's Board) apparently talked to them and as long as they behave, they can stick around. Well, sometimes they get a little worked up and -shall I say- obnoxious. Apparently it doesn't matter that I am sitting in the room with them... they are still acting up. *sigh* Hitting each other with pool sticks... and just being totally ridiculous... despite my "Hey Guys...", "Don't do that" and most recently, "Knock it off". I look at the kids that come in here... and wonder what their parents are thinking? I mean, honestly, of the 15-20 kids who come in here each weekend--I have never met any of their parents. These younger boys back here with me are between ages 8 and 11. What parent would let their kid come into a place at that young of an age... without coming in to meet the volunteers and check it out? Maybe I am just assuming that it would be appropriate to do that... and I know that this is a decent place - obviously since I choose to volunteer here, etc. But it really just makes me wonder. My parents didn't let me and my sister even cross the main road alone at age 8 or 9! Some of these kids are running around Main Street all night!!! Granted, this is a small town... but that doesn't make it safe! At least they are coming in here for the majority of the evenings (on Fri & Sat). It's better than them hooking up with scary kids and doing drugs, etc. Every Saturday evening we try to have a Ministry Time--whether it be a concert or a small little talk/bible study. Ummm... I actually forgot about it until right now -so... umm... oops. Next weekend though(and the weekend after), we have some bands coming in. We need more volunteeeeeers!!! Please pray that we can get some! We only have FOUR right now. Its draining!

I am hoping to get some pictures of the place one of these days to share it with you. We just got new carpet last year and it has made a WORLD of difference in the appearance. I would like to do some other updating---but I'll leave that for another post when I actually get pics up, etc.

**LOL! I just learned about the "Squeak Factor" from a few of the older kids who are sitting at the one table playing cards. Apparently, if your voice hits a shrill/squeaky note... they reserve the right (after 10 times) to kick you. Cory was on strike TWO a couple of minutes ago. LOL! Not that they would kick him... but it just made me laugh that they observed him "squeaking". I must defend him though--because I made some comment that surprised him and he turned and said "WHAT!?"--and it just came out a little higher pitched than it should've. Hehehehe. Oh, these guys!!**

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  1. I just left you a comment below and about the time I closed out that box I realized that I forgot to wish you a HAPPY EASTER! O=-)

    I hope you're having a great day - LOVE YOU!


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