Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm still alive....

I know I haven't posted all week... I have just been sick (still) and last night I didn't get online AT ALL! *SHOCK!* I don't really have much to post about either. I've been working... that's about it. And it hasn't been all that exciting. Yesterday I loaded two trucks with the forklift. That normally would have been exciting, except I don't feel well and there were chains on the tires--so I was bouncing and bumping all over the place--and that wasn't very fun!! A guy at work cut his hand pretty bad and had to go to the ER. But I only saw him walk past... so I really don't know the story. LOL. Cory came over last night and made me dinner and we vegged on the couch. I went to bed and was probably asleep around 8:30pm--and slept until 6! That's a lot of sleep... but I'm still tired!!
Well, I have to get ready to go to work... again. *sigh* Maybe I'll have something more exciting to post about later!!

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