Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adventures in.... Alaska?

Well, sorry... not too many stories to tell about Cory's trip to Alaska. He said its really really cold and ummm.. pretty much cold! LOL! He got to walk on the Bearing Straight... which is kind of cool. I would be too chicken!!! I believe they might be playing golf on the ocean as well at some point. The best news of all... even though I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone... we didn't think he'd have cellphone service... and by the grace of God.... he does!!! WOOOOOOT! So that makes it nice! The time difference makes calling a little odd... but it works. Yesterday, he called... and they were getting ready to eat lunch, as I was getting ready to eat dinner. haha! He'll have major jet lag when he gets home!!

I have just been working and last night I had a meeting... so nothing too interesting to report. OH! But I am excited... and I'll post more about it at a time when I can really sit and write.... we have a festival in our town each year(in June). This year we are trying to get Enter the Worship Circle for the night the churches put stuff together. Last year we did a community mural and my sis's church had their praise band sing, etc.... but this year... with their church getting ready to send people to Romania on a mission trip... they kind of handed over the reigns and so we are trying to book ETWC. They are amazing! Check them out! I'll go into more detail about the fest later. I may need your help!!!

Gotta get ready for work!
Have a lovely Tuesday!!!

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  1. My husband was stationed in Alaska for 3 yrs while in the Army. He loved every minute of it. My daughter was there 3 yrs with her husband and hated every minute of it. Thats one state I have never been to but maybe one day. Thank you for the prayers for Ms Fran


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