Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday #33

I skipped last week's Flashback Friday... but today I'm back to share a picture of me and my sister from when we were toddlers!

I'm not sure the year of this picture... but I think I was between 2 and 3 yrs old ('85/'86).
(I'm on the right)

See my hair?
My hair didn't start really growing out until I was 4.
So, my lovely sister convinced me that I was a boy because I had boy hair!
I believed her.
I went crying to my mom about it...
which, of course, she laughed about (behind my back too, I'm sure) but assured me that I WAS a girl.
Guess I wasn't really in touch with the whole anatomy thing at that age.
Every time I look at this picture... I always think I'm singing that old sunday school song "Deep and Wide"!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whirlwind Birthday!

My birthday turned out to be a little bit of a whirlwind.

Not exactly what we were expecting!

I got a call early in the morning that my mom was being taken to the ER. You can read more about it at my sister's blog HERE. She ended up being admitted and wasn't released until this morning. The last couple of days have been a little unsettling!! But I'm just grateful that my mom is home and hopefully recovering and resting!

With things up in the air about my mom, we didn't end up deciding to go out of town. (Cory wanted to take me to a town about an hour away that has a mall and lots of stores that we don't have around here--to look for maternity clothes). We weren't sure if my mom had this horrible flu that has been going around, so we decided not to go out and visit her unless we got a call that things were really serious (since we weren't really sure what was going on)... but we also didn't want to drive an hour away because that would take us farther from my hometown in case we DID get a call. So we hung around the house and Cory helped his dad tear a block dividing wall out of the basement.

I opened some presents... Boo helped. (Don't mind my unruly hair! No matter how hard I try, it always looks like crap!!)

That in my hand... is new ink for my vintage Remington typewriter!! You have to buy the spools and then take the ribbon off and put it on the spools that are actually on the typewriter. Luckily my husband is a sweetie. I don't have patience for that kind of thing!

I also got some other things from Cory... a Dougie MacLean CD (which is already in my cars CD player)... and The Overton Window book by Glenn Beck. (I know, I know... some of you think he is a kook, but to each their own!) My in-laws got me TOMS! and 200 Forever Stamps!!! WOOT! And a friend of mine sent me a couple of fun, crafty little cards.

With everything going on with my mom, I didn't have a chance to celebrate with my parents or sister's family... but one of these days, soon!

Cory took me out for dinner and ice cream... and then we just spent the evening relaxing! Sometimes that's just nice!

Here is how Weezer spent my birthday...

Must be rough being a cat!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!!

First of all, I have to thank those of you who commented on my post yesterday. I *think* I've convinced Cory to experiment with NOT using dryer sheets for awhile... however, he still wants to use them for his dress shirts (he wears a suit to work) because he claims that they help with wrinkles. I have no idea. All I know is that I absolutely cannot stand the smell!!

I have a quick question though about the white vinegar? Will that work in a High Efficiency washer? I've wanted to make my own laundry soap for awhile, but they make you think that if you have an "HE" system, you have to buy the "HE" products. So I'm afraid to stray from the path with laundry soap or vinegar!

I've also wondered about those wool dryer balls... anyone use those? Can I make my own from old wool sweaters???

Ok--thinking about this is making me want to gag.... onto more important things.


It's my birthday! WOO HOO!

Cory took the day off of work, which is nice since he has been totally swamped and going in early a lot!

I'm not sure what we are going to do... but I'm just thankful that I get to spend the day with him!! Hooray!!

I'm sure I'll have more to report on it tomorrow... but I'm going to go now and start MY DAY!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Have A Problem...

... it's called THE DRYER.

More specifically, DRYER SHEETS.

Over the past number of weeks as I've dealt with my super-bionic pregnant nose, I've noticed that I am having a really hard time with dryer sheets.

Not just the specific brand that we use, but even if someone is near me and I can smell their dryer sheet from the clothes they're wearing... it makes me *gag*!

The other day, we stopped at Cory's parents and then a little bit later, a friends house. BOTH had their dryers running and as we were standing outside (apparently somewhere near the vents--that I couldn't see)... It was all I could do not to get sick! I had to move far away, which meant, we ended up leaving.

It was horrible!

If Cory's clothes smell like a dryer sheet, he can't come near me.

Last night, my PJ's smelled like it and I couldn't stand it! I tried finding a Tshirt or something to wear, but everything smelled so disgustingly "fresh". Eventually I gave up.

It honestly makes my throat just feel scratchy and gaggy!


Due to the overhaul of our basement, I'm not allowed down there even to do laundry. So Cory has been taking care of it. We normally like to hang our clothes out on the line, but it's been raining off and on, so we've had to use the dryer more than normal.

What can I use in the dryer that won't smell??

I know you can get unscented dryer sheets... but those still have a certain scent (at least to me).

There has to be SOMETHING we can use!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Slug = Me

After a horribly impromptu bout of vomiting last night before bed... trying to sleep sitting up (needless to say I didn't get much sleep)... and a morning of acid-throat, nausea and sour stomach... I have to admit that I'm getting a little discouraged and frustrated with myself.

I am not trying to complain here... because I know I have been so blessed to carry this child in me!! But I guess I'm just wondering why, all of a sudden, I am bombarded with acid indigestion... heartburn... throwing up... and basically just an upset stomach all around?! I thought it was supposed to ease up after the first trimester??

Hormones, I guess! *sigh*

I must say though, the worst part about it... even though it's never fun to feel like crap... is that I feel like I'm letting Cory down. Even Boo, our dog seems a little more sad than usual.

Today, I made myself eat some ramen noodles for lunch. I had picked up a bunch of Boo's toys off the floor and put them in her toy basket. As I put them away... she got them back out, but didn't play with them. She just laid them back on the floor. Then when I went to get my noodles off the stove, I came back to find her tennis ball on the love seat (which is where I sit about 99.9% of the time). I feel so bad... but I have no energy to take her on a walk or outside to play, especially in the heat. I am so thankful Cory's parents take her for "sleepovers" at least once or twice a week. They treat her like a princess and I feel so guilty, like I'm being a horrible mama to my pup!!

Then there is Cory. He has been working over time for weeks. Going in to work early, coming home late a lot of days. Then he is either out mowing the lawn (cuz you know this gal has no energy to do that in this heat) or in the basement trying to get things ready for the concrete guy to start tearing things up. We literally see each other for maybe an hour a day, which is when we eat dinner.

Although, props to him last night because he actually came up to the bathroom to give me moral support when he heard me throwing up! Man, was it awful!

Today, even though he is swamped at work, he took time out to come home and bring me ginger ale to try to settle my stomach.... and he even played catch with Boo for a few minutes.

I feel like the biggest waste of space at the moment. I try to keep up with the dishes... but I can only do a little at a time and have to sit in between. I can't keep up with laundry because the machines are in the basement and I'm not allowed down there for the time being. I vacuum... but other than that... I just feel like I can't muster up the energy to do much else (like crafting or sewing... or heck, even straightening up more around the house).

It's really discouraging... but I'm so grateful that Cory is there for me and picks up my slack (though I'm trying to be better about leaving so much slack... but I just can't shake the sickness factor!).

I just have to keep reminding myself that "This too shall pass"... and it will all be worth it in the end! And it could definitely be worse!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Early Birthday Surprise!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my birthday is coming up. This coming Tuesday, as a matter of fact!

I am excited in a way that says "WOO HOO, IT'S MY DAY!"... but I'm not excited to actually be getting older.

27 on the 27th. That's what keeps going through my head!

I bought myself an early birthday present last week. It's a Polar Bottle. A well-reviewed water bottle that is supposed to keep your drink cold up to 5X longer than an average bottle, especially if you freeze half and then add more water later. I have been having issues with drinking so far during this pregnancy. No, I don't mean alcohol! *ICK* But for some reason NOTHING tastes good. The only thing I really like is ICE COLD WATER WITH LEMON. But it only hits the spot at a restaurant. Not with the ice from home. It's a pain! So I am hoping this water bottle will be my solution! It's meant for bicyclists who go on long, grueling rides. I might not be exercising that much (or at all really)... but my body is going through a heck of a lot. So I think it counts!

Anyway... that isn't the Birthday Surprise like my title would suggest.

Today, I opened the mail to find a padded envelope from the lovely Lara, who was a blog swap partner of mine earlier in the year. She has her OWN designer handbags... and she sent me one in the swap! I was blown away! I still use the bag... it is my favorite and most convenient bag that I've ever had.


Today, I opened the padded envelope to find some fun stuff, plus a homemade card! She totally made my day! Check it out:

Funky notecards, STAMPS!, a little dinosaur (which I plan on adding to my printers block drawer, which is slowly filling up--YEA!), and this cool bracelet that she got in Laguna Beach. It looks like a bunch of old buttons! Very fun!

Thank you, Thank you Lara!!
What a fun package to open!
You are too sweet!!


My doctor appointment went well on Tuesday. The doctor was on vacation so I saw a nurse practioner who was AWESOME. (Kinda wish she was my doc!) We tried listening to the heartbeat with a doppler thingy... and she couldn't find it for quite awhile. As I was about to go into freak out mode... she told me to hang tight and went to get the better doppler thingy. AND IT WORKED! Talk about a slight moment of panic. But all is well... the HB was 152 (come on... be a girl!!)... and oddly enough, I have only gained 1/2 a pound. I can't hardly believe that... but apparently it's true! So... next appointment is in mid-August.

Love and prayers go out to my blog friend Chana... who recently lost her wee one at 10 weeks (pregnant). Her baby is in His hands now...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing: The Mini-Bike

Here is a little compilation of the Mini-Bike videos we took on Sunday at my parents Anniversary party! The kids were so excited! There were some close calls... but luckily no crashes!!

6 days until my birthday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had mentioned last week that my mom and sister were going to bring my niece and nephews over to my neck of the woods for a little birthday celebration at a local kid's play place. Originally we were going to do it last Tuesday... but due to some things that came up, we went on Friday.

The place was amazingly clean and nice! They had great food and a lot of fun stuff for the kids! My sister took pictures of the kids in the jungle gym. They played so hard, they were drenched in sweat!

In between playing, they came back to the table where we celebrated my nieces birthday with little ice cream cone cupcakes that I made!

She also opened some presents!

Then, later on we headed over to the glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf!

(It was hard to get a good picture due to the lighting!)

I think the kids had a really good time! It was a great place for all of us!


Yesterday was my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary! Sunday, we pulled off a surprise party/picnic for them! My aunt drove up from 4 hours away and we got everything together and headed out to my hometown. Part of the plan was to set up at the pavilion (owned by my sis's in-laws)... then Cory and I would circle back around and stop at my parents house to pretend we had just gotten to town and were going to go with them to the picnic. (We had to pretend that the picnic was for my niece's birthday so that we could get them there and also have an excuse for Cory and I to be in town!)

Well... we finally got them to get moving... and my dad drove separately because he had to stop at his business to pick up a mini-bike that they had gotten to surprise the kids with. It threw a wrench in our plans because we wanted them to show up to the picnic at the same time! Luckily, Cory went with my dad and the neighbor girl drove in with my mom... so I drove out by myself and the two of them kept me up to date with texts as to where they were on the drive out! HAHA! It just so happened that they pulled in at the same time!! It worked out perfectly!

They had no idea until they pulled up and were wondering why certain people's vehicles were there (that normally wouldn't be)! We got them good!! They were surprised... a little embarrassed... but over all it went well and they had a nice time!

Here are a few shots from the evening:

We got a photo cake from a big grocery store in another town... and personally, I was a little disappointed with the way it turned out. Brown, really?

Then, my sister went to cut it... and THIS happened:

The last time I got a photo cake for our mom's surprise 50th... we could eat the picture. It didn't come off with plastic on the back!!

Oh well! Now we know not to go to that store again... it didn't even taste that great!

It was a nice party and I am so thankful to have such loving parents who have made it 30 years!

**I have a doc appointment today at 11AM... and I am really anxious. I think it's because I am 12 weeks and it is just starting to really set in that this is happening. Despite not feeling well and being constantly tired... I guess going to the doctor at this point just really confirms it... and I finally am having a freak out moment! Yikes!**

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Studly" the Rooster

Well.... it's finally happened.

The neighbor's rooster finally found our girls... and he will NOT go away!

He lives 3 houses down... and he goes home in the evenings... but during the day, he is constantly strutting around. (I named him "Studly" due to his strutting ways!)

The girls think it's just fantastic.


He is constantly crowing... LOUDLY. It's not so bad when he is at home... the "cock-a-doodle-doo" is more of a background noise.
But when it's right out the back door, it gets a little annoying!

Make that... A LOT.

Cory tried chasing him away with a broom.
He runs away, whether or not you have a broom in your hands... but he always comes back.

I guess we might have to mention something to the neighbor, but unless they cage him I don't think they'll be able to keep him away now that he knows where our girls are.

On a sweeter note... if you read THIS post from the other day, you would know that I LOVE Maple Sugar Candy! Well, a friend happened to be traveling last week and picked this up for me as a surprise!!

Are you jealous?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Horrible Story!

So, the other day I went to the library to bask in the A/C while my house was roasting like an oven. I could only stay about an hour because I'm pretty sure the librarians wouldn't really like to find me drooling on the table as I slept in the cool, calm atmosphere. And I knew if I actually sat on one of the couches, it was all over. It was so tempting though.

I picked out a couple of books (after scouring through authors and titles I've never heard of. We have such a dinky library!) and checked them out, came home and roasted like a pig as I started reading the first one.

It was quite good.

I'm now on the second... and it's pretty good as well.

My problem is though, that I usually end up reading at night because as tired as I am... I never can fall right asleep. Poor Cory does not sleep well with the light on in the bedroom. Even though it's my bedside lamp, it's pretty bright.

I try to do my best to not disturb him... and I usually read until my eyelids won't stay open, which causes me then to roll out of bed and make my last trip to the bathroom (which usually turns into many trips throughout the night)... and then crawl back in bed and pray. Not only pray, in all seriousness. But also pray that I can fall asleep!

Well... last night I read longer than I intended. I couldn't help it! The book has got me wanting more! What's going to happen next!?! But at 10:30PM, I knew I needed to put it down and try to get some rest. Body, you are so tired... why won't you just sleep!?

Sooo... I make my bathroom trip, turn off my lamp, crawl into bed and try to get comfy (which hasn't been easy with the onslaught of the heartburn-from-hell). It wasn't so bad though. Semi-propped up, A/C on and prayers started.....

Then I felt it.

Was that my hair?

But the A/C is too far away to make my hair blow....


A tickle on my neck from my right ear down to the middle of the left side of my neck.


I freaked out and jumped out of bed... turning on the light... all in less than 2 seconds, I swear!

I scanned the covers... all the while, Cory starts stirring (CRAP! I hate to wake him!)...

Then I see it!



I flipped! Cory got up, though groggy, he obviously caught onto "THERE WAS A SPIDER ON MY NECK!" and didn't want the same to happen to him.

All I had was my slipper to try to smash it with. And who really wants smashed spider on their bed? Cory handed me a (thankfully) unused tissue... and I tried to scoop it up and squish it with my fingers. (I hate that crunching sensation... this was not a SMALL spider. Of course, it wasn't HUGE either... but it was bigger than my thumb nail--and that's pretty big considering I take prenatal vitamins and those nails keep on a-growin'!) It evaded my tissue and started crawling toward my pillow. I am squealing, Cory is groaning... and finally I swish the darn thing to the floor and grab my slipper to squish it into the carpet.

Cory calmly crawls back into bed... while I have these fits of HEEBIE-JEEBIES where I have to keep shaking out my hair and doing a little spider jig! Horrible!

I pulled back the covers and checked for MORE... and I moved and shook out my pillows. THIS IS WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY DAY! I don't want any spiders UNDER my covers. ICK!

I calm down... slightly... and get back into bed.

But for the next ten minutes I keep replaying the whole thing in my mind! Careful to keep my mouth shut, I tried to will myself to sleep... but every twitch or tingle my body made just made me jittery. Ugh!

This just had to happen. To me, of course. I guess I can just be thankful that it didn't go in my mouth... or ear... and that it exists no longer.


I finally had to go downstairs to try to lull myself back to an almost-sleepy state by reading some more (which, Ok... isn't THAT horrible)... but...

I hate spiders. I really do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maple Sugar Goodness!!

One of my favorite things, especially as the weather starts to cool down into Autumn Awesomeness (can you tell I'm craving cooler weather?)... is this amazing candy made from maple sugar. Rightly called: Maple Sugar Candy!

Have you ever had it?

I guess I associate it with Autumn, because that was the first time I'd ever had it's melt-in-your-mouth-goodness (probably about 5 years ago). I don't know squat about harvesting maple syrup or turning it into candy... but I do believe you can get this candy any time of the year. However, you can't just pick it up at the local grocery or convenience store (at least not in PA). I have seen it at candy specialty stores and other random places though!

It comes in all shapes and sizes... we even considered having custom candies made as favors for our wedding... however, we decided to do this instead:

(Honey from my mom and uncle's own hives!)

Anywho... back to the candy...

It's the best. If you haven't tried it, you should!

I'm not kidding when I say that it melts in your mouth.


My mom brought some home for me from a trip to Massachusetts this spring. I'd forgotten about it... but when I found it... it was gone in a day! She even brought a maple sugar lollipop, which Cory enjoyed (too sweet for me at this point).

Boo even liked the left overs on the stick!

(Don't worry, that was the only lick she got!)

If you see some Maple Sugar Candy... I encourage you to pick it up and try it!
You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy Day!

Today has been pretty lazy for me. I had good intentions... but I just can't control that nausea and heartburn! I figured, since I'm sitting around anyway, I'd go ahead and post a few things!

I didn't mention it last week... but on Wednesday I called my doc about some of the chest pains I was having. I'd thought they were just heartburn, but the more I described the pains to Cory and my mom... the more I realized that it really wasn't heartburn. (I'd never had it before so I wasn't sure).

When I called the doctor, they told me to get to the ER right away, so I swung by Cory's work on the way and picked him up. We went in to register... and like 2 minutes later I was being whisked away behind big doors and then into my own little curtained section of the ER.

It really was a whirlwind of nurses and equipment. I got hooked up for an EKG and had to have an IV port put into my hand (I think that was the worst part!).

Over all, we were there for about an hour... and the final conclusion was a possible inflammation of the muscles/ligaments in my chest cavity due to a surge in progesterone.

That's good news!!! However, I have been dealing with some heartburn! But I'm just thankful it's nothing serious!

Saturday we went to my hometown for my cousin's grad party and first stopped off at my parents house. My mom had been trying to load her horse into the horse trailer since 7:30AM. It took 5 people and 6.5 hours, but he finally loaded in right before 2PM! Big stinker!

Around 4PM, we headed over to my cousin's grad party. It was nice to see a lot of people. We ate lots of good food and had a fun time hanging out... in the shade! Cory played a little ball with the kids...

My nephew decided to do a little break dancing at the party. We aren't quite sure where he picked it up (and obviously he isn't professional)... but it made us laugh!!
(You can't hear it till the end... but he is dancing to Ice, Ice Baby!)

And last but not least... today is my nieces 9th birthday!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

8th Picture Photo Challenge

Does that title even make sense? haha! Oh well!

I was tagged by the lovely Ms. Tessica over at I fly like a bird to participate in a photo challenge. You go to your eighth picture folder and post the 8th picture.

I regret to say... my picture is not very exciting!


Drum roll please......

There it is. My "sunburst" pot. Back when I was creating pottery more often (since lately it's been about ZIP, ZILCH, NADA...) I decided to add a little extra to my pot. This was the end product.

It sold at a sale... so that's something, right?

I've actually been meaning to delete a bunch of these art/crafting photos since I don't really need them anymore... but part of me hates to see them go!

Now.... onto my tagging...

If you so choose: Katy, Brittany and Jenn, join in the fun and post the 8th picture from your 8th folder! Let's see what random pic comes up for you!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday #32

I am confined to my bedroom at the moment. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that we are having a drainage/mold/mildew issue in our basement. Cory took the day off and has suited up with a special suit, mask and goggles to scrub and clean that mold. We had a professional come in and look at everything and he is going to fix everything so that we will have NO MORE WATER ISSUES! Hallelujah! However, he is booked until sometime in August, so we'll have to wait a month.

Anyway, since I'm quarantined to the bedroom... surrounded by paper, envelopes, books, the computer and a box of animal crackers (hey, I knew I'd get hungry!)... I figured I'd dig out a picture for this weeks Flashback Friday!!

Cheer Camp!

I bet you never guessed I was a cheerleader... haha!

Yep! From 8th grade on! This particular photo was taken the summer before 11th grade. I was co-captains with the girl on the far right. The girl in the middle was one of the staff giving me tips on one of the stunts we were doing.

Man, was I tan! And you can't really tell... but my hair was LONG! So long, in fact, I had to loop it up into my ponytail just to keep it from swinging down my back and getting yanked during stunts, etc.

I hated that year of cheer camp. A number of "popular girls" decided to join the squad that year to "make it better".... and they had no idea what they were doing so it was a lot of drama. A month or two into the school year, I tore a ligament in my wrist during cheer practice and had to have surgery. So I couldn't cheer the rest of the year. Didn't matter though. I ended up homeschooling anyway!

Oh well...

Those were in my thinner days (if you can call them that).... however, I am wearing those shorts at this very moment! haha!!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here Comes A Birthday!

Next week my niece is turning 9!


I cannot believe it!

Well, I suggested to my mom and sister that they bring the kids over to my neck of the woods for a day of playing in this local kid zone. You know... indoor jungle gym, laser tag, mini golf, arcade games.... not to mention pizza and all sorts of other foods!!

So Tuesday is the day!
And I'm making some cupcakes to take along.

Yesterday, my mom and I were out and about... and decided to pick up some decorative items for Madelyn's special day. She loves Mary Engelbreit... because her mom loves it.... and it just so happened that Michaels (craft store) had some things we could use!!

Check it out:

(Ok, so we got the red plates at Target...) We got a table cloth and napkins... as well as some wrapping paper... and these little icing/candy flowers!

The plan is to make some of those yummy cupcakes in an ice cream cone... then decorate the icing on top with jimmies and a little flower. I will have to transport these cupcakes... so I plan on wrapping up a shirt box (with the ME paper) and having circles cut out so that each cone fits securely. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work! I may end up with a mess in my car!
We'll see!

Birthdays are so fun!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I opened the mail box the other day to find a lovely surprise from Amanda over at Oh Mandie!

What is this?

Let's pan out the view and see...

Taa Daa!!!

An adorable hand-bound journal!
And she didn't even know that I loved giraffes growing up!

If you think this is cute... check out her Etsy Shop!
She has some really great jewelry for sale!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness Mandie!!
What a sweet surprise!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ride, Ride, Ride!

Recently, my 4 year old nephew, Jaxson, was terrified of being near my parents' pony, Jasper. We tried to put him on and get some pictures... and he was so scared, his teeth were chattering! Not to mention the tears slipping down his little face from his wide eyes! Of course he loves to talk about the pony and horses.... but let's face it... when you're under 4 ft. tall and you get near one of those big animals... it's pretty intimidating!

Well, my 6 yr old nephew, Xavier, had been taking riding lessons on Jasper for a number of weeks... but that kid... when he hears a motor, he is instantly distracted! He decided that he didn't want to take riding lessons anymore (and I'm pretty sure if he can get near some type of go-cart... he will be flying around in one of those!). So, amazingly enough... Jaxson readily agreed to take X's place on the pony.

Say WHAT!?

I was shocked! But somehow he got over his fears and was genuinely enthusiastic about getting on the pony!!

I happened to be out there last week and was able to snap a couple of pictures at his lesson! (They were with my phone... so I apologize for the quality!)

Excited to get in the saddle!

His boots came off because his legs were too short for the stirrups!

I know I'm just his aunt... but I'm so proud of him! He does Walk, Stop, and Back Up. He even rides off of the lead rope, however he is still learning to control Jasper... so I think he feels a little more calm with the rope there to guide.

Maybe one day my wee one will want to take riding lessons!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Little of This & That...

Well... I haven't been on the computer much... especially in the blog sector... because I haven't had a whole lot to write about! We didn't do anything for the 4th of July so there isn't much festive to report on!

We did, however go to the mall and find me some maternity jeans on sale this past Saturday. I am looking forward to some relief from the bulging buttons on my normal jeans, however the new jeans are "straight leg" which I'll have to get used to! To anyone that doesn't know I'm expecting, I probably don't look too much different (maybe a little porkier)... but I can tell that our little baby is a-growin'... and I hope to live in sweatpants and dresses around the house and then have a few decent articles of clothing for going out! I can't really hack skirts (depending on the elastic) because they put too much pressure on my gut. I am hoping to get my butt in gear and make a couple of dresses though this week! I wore one yesterday... with the intention of going to church... however, I ended up running outside for my first throwing up session... and we ended up not going. I did wear the dress the rest of the day and it was LOVELY not having a waistband to confine me! Get me some more of THAT!

Anywho... Cory has been on a major cleaning kick because of my sensitive nose. EVERYTHING smells bad! He has been using baking soda and white vinegar to ward off some smells. It's helped. Not 100% - but quite a bit. Unfortunately, today he is working in the basement (he gets the day off from work).... and he discovered...... MOLD! Yes, that's right... mold. I have mentioned before about our drainage issues. As you can see from the pictures below... the water runs off our back hill and driveway.. RIGHT into our basement.

Please don't mind the mess... Cory has it all torn apart trying to see where the mold is and what the heck is going on down there.

If you look in the bottom picture, you can see a metal cover right where the garage door comes down. That is a drain... however, there are 2 OTHER drains that are placed in odd spots in the floor as well... so that first drain doesn't always do it's job when the rain comes pouring in. I think the previous owners thought that by covering the rock wall on the right in what looks like swimming pool concrete, they would help the problem. I think they just made it uglier! (Personally, I only like the look of swimming pool in a swimming pool).

Anyway... I am forbidden to go in the basement.... and Cory and his parents are going to try to get a closer look to determine if we need to call in professionals. (cha-ching!)

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Also... I have been having HORRIBLE heartburn! I never knew what heartburn was until 2 nights ago. Then last night... it hit me HARD! I have been dealing with it all day and it is definitely not fun. I don't know if it was something I ate? But I haven't really eaten anything too much out of the ordinary. Ok... I did have some pepperoni... and what about garlic? Would that cause it? I don't know... but I don't wish this on anyone!!

Well, I'm off to pull a blueberry pie out of the oven (can't believe I got up the motivation to make it!)... it smells wonderful!

I hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday #31

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month! Here is a picture from my first birthday in 1984!

That's me on the left... and my cousin (who is 6 mos younger) on the right. We're being held by our great-grandma (who recently passed away in April). I think we were both trying to wriggle our way out of her arms!!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

And... My Car Wouldn't Start...

Yesterday was hectic.

My car would not start as I was trying to leave for the day to go to my parents place. So Cory had to come home from work to give me a jump start. Then, I drove the whole way (over 30 miles) on "E" because I was too paranoid to stop for gas. I just KNEW that if I turned my car off at the pump, I wouldn't get it started again.

Luckily, I made it.

And when the guys at my dad's shop checked everything out... my alternator and battery are just fine. ANNND... My car started right up a number of times. Sheesh! We think it was because I didn't drive it for over a week... and I left my cellphone charger plugged in. It is the only thing that would have caused the battery to drain.

I then had to go to my former place of employment to deal with a Worker's Comp issue... which still has yet to be resolved. I'm not going into detail because it's too complicated... but let's just say that if my medical bill doesn't get paid... Cory and I are not going to be happy campers. Granted it's only $80... but that's A LOT to us, especially with a kiddle on the way. So I am waiting for a call today to get it all sorted out. I'm crossing my fingers!

On a positive note... we got some presents for baby!

I'm always excited for presents! And my aunt stopped by to drop off these 2 cute outfits and a receiving blanket! :) (The outfits were hung back to back... so I didn't take them apart for the pic... I liked the ducky one the best... so I just took a pic of that!) I am excited to start accumulating baby items!!

I am still in the process of getting our spare/craft/baby room in order... it's going to be ongoing!! But I hope to spend some time sewing today in preparation for setting up a table at a fall fest in September!! :)

And on a side note.. if you read my last post... this weekend Cory and his dad are going to be tearing up the drain system in our basement. It has been nothing but a nightmare and we are hoping that it will help solve the "smelly" problem in our house. I also plan on taking some other people's suggestions... like using vinegar and baking soda... I gotta do something!!! Thanks for all of your suggestions!