Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ride, Ride, Ride!

Recently, my 4 year old nephew, Jaxson, was terrified of being near my parents' pony, Jasper. We tried to put him on and get some pictures... and he was so scared, his teeth were chattering! Not to mention the tears slipping down his little face from his wide eyes! Of course he loves to talk about the pony and horses.... but let's face it... when you're under 4 ft. tall and you get near one of those big animals... it's pretty intimidating!

Well, my 6 yr old nephew, Xavier, had been taking riding lessons on Jasper for a number of weeks... but that kid... when he hears a motor, he is instantly distracted! He decided that he didn't want to take riding lessons anymore (and I'm pretty sure if he can get near some type of go-cart... he will be flying around in one of those!). So, amazingly enough... Jaxson readily agreed to take X's place on the pony.

Say WHAT!?

I was shocked! But somehow he got over his fears and was genuinely enthusiastic about getting on the pony!!

I happened to be out there last week and was able to snap a couple of pictures at his lesson! (They were with my phone... so I apologize for the quality!)

Excited to get in the saddle!

His boots came off because his legs were too short for the stirrups!

I know I'm just his aunt... but I'm so proud of him! He does Walk, Stop, and Back Up. He even rides off of the lead rope, however he is still learning to control Jasper... so I think he feels a little more calm with the rope there to guide.

Maybe one day my wee one will want to take riding lessons!!!


  1. That is awesome that he is overcoming the fear and now can have some FUN, what a cutie;)

  2. It's amazing how all of a sudden a fear can be gone.

  3. I am so proud of my lil guy! I thought he would be too afraid to ride! :)

  4. FUN! I'm glad he got over his fear. I'd totally take his place if you needed a new rider :) I love horses!!!

  5. Big horses available here too, AlyGatr! LOL!!


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