Thursday, July 1, 2010

And... My Car Wouldn't Start...

Yesterday was hectic.

My car would not start as I was trying to leave for the day to go to my parents place. So Cory had to come home from work to give me a jump start. Then, I drove the whole way (over 30 miles) on "E" because I was too paranoid to stop for gas. I just KNEW that if I turned my car off at the pump, I wouldn't get it started again.

Luckily, I made it.

And when the guys at my dad's shop checked everything out... my alternator and battery are just fine. ANNND... My car started right up a number of times. Sheesh! We think it was because I didn't drive it for over a week... and I left my cellphone charger plugged in. It is the only thing that would have caused the battery to drain.

I then had to go to my former place of employment to deal with a Worker's Comp issue... which still has yet to be resolved. I'm not going into detail because it's too complicated... but let's just say that if my medical bill doesn't get paid... Cory and I are not going to be happy campers. Granted it's only $80... but that's A LOT to us, especially with a kiddle on the way. So I am waiting for a call today to get it all sorted out. I'm crossing my fingers!

On a positive note... we got some presents for baby!

I'm always excited for presents! And my aunt stopped by to drop off these 2 cute outfits and a receiving blanket! :) (The outfits were hung back to back... so I didn't take them apart for the pic... I liked the ducky one the best... so I just took a pic of that!) I am excited to start accumulating baby items!!

I am still in the process of getting our spare/craft/baby room in order... it's going to be ongoing!! But I hope to spend some time sewing today in preparation for setting up a table at a fall fest in September!! :)

And on a side note.. if you read my last post... this weekend Cory and his dad are going to be tearing up the drain system in our basement. It has been nothing but a nightmare and we are hoping that it will help solve the "smelly" problem in our house. I also plan on taking some other people's suggestions... like using vinegar and baking soda... I gotta do something!!! Thanks for all of your suggestions!


  1. Um...yeah. I've done the battery drain thing more than once, sorry to say. I had to call USAA out at least once to give me a jump. Thank goodness for those cool portable jumpers they have now. The last time, we were still in Boston and my car was in the parking garage at our apartment where no one could hook up to me car to car.

    YAY for baby stuff!! The beginning of a long line of "stuff" to come, believe me :) Not for nothing...but keep receipts and/or tags if you have them! You never know what you'll have to return for one reason or another. I so wished I had hung on to some stuff. I would have been happy to donate it your way, but I cleared out the remnant baby stuff at our house about 6 months ago!

  2. ooooh yay for presents for the little babe! I'm not too far away from you, so if you find yourself needing something baby related, just give me a hollar Mama :)

  3. I have baby gifts for you too! But I am trying to hold onto them so I don't swamp you with items!

  4. Those little presents are ADORABLE. It is sooo exciting when you start accumulating those baby items. :) I have such great memories of that stuff. I really liked being pregnant. I had a little morning sickness for 2 months but even so, I just really liked being pregnant!

    Glad your car issue was an easy one to deal with!


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