Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Studly" the Rooster

Well.... it's finally happened.

The neighbor's rooster finally found our girls... and he will NOT go away!

He lives 3 houses down... and he goes home in the evenings... but during the day, he is constantly strutting around. (I named him "Studly" due to his strutting ways!)

The girls think it's just fantastic.


He is constantly crowing... LOUDLY. It's not so bad when he is at home... the "cock-a-doodle-doo" is more of a background noise.
But when it's right out the back door, it gets a little annoying!

Make that... A LOT.

Cory tried chasing him away with a broom.
He runs away, whether or not you have a broom in your hands... but he always comes back.

I guess we might have to mention something to the neighbor, but unless they cage him I don't think they'll be able to keep him away now that he knows where our girls are.

On a sweeter note... if you read THIS post from the other day, you would know that I LOVE Maple Sugar Candy! Well, a friend happened to be traveling last week and picked this up for me as a surprise!!

Are you jealous?


  1. Oh my goodness...Studly is quite *studly*! Maybe you should pair him with one of your girls and have some baby chicks!? :)

    I am quite jealous of that candy! I love that stuff too!!! YUM!

  2. Hey, have you guys ever went to the PA Maple Festival in Meyersdale? We drive down every year (because I'm pretty bonkers over maple candy too!)

    Heres the website -

  3. Studly, haha...he sounds quite annoying!!
    Yay for candy!!!

  4. hey nen - it is so cool that you have chickens. i love baby chicks. please have some baby chicks. hey i just used your bobbin thread to wrap a b-day present for my mother in law!


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