Monday, July 5, 2010

A Little of This & That...

Well... I haven't been on the computer much... especially in the blog sector... because I haven't had a whole lot to write about! We didn't do anything for the 4th of July so there isn't much festive to report on!

We did, however go to the mall and find me some maternity jeans on sale this past Saturday. I am looking forward to some relief from the bulging buttons on my normal jeans, however the new jeans are "straight leg" which I'll have to get used to! To anyone that doesn't know I'm expecting, I probably don't look too much different (maybe a little porkier)... but I can tell that our little baby is a-growin'... and I hope to live in sweatpants and dresses around the house and then have a few decent articles of clothing for going out! I can't really hack skirts (depending on the elastic) because they put too much pressure on my gut. I am hoping to get my butt in gear and make a couple of dresses though this week! I wore one yesterday... with the intention of going to church... however, I ended up running outside for my first throwing up session... and we ended up not going. I did wear the dress the rest of the day and it was LOVELY not having a waistband to confine me! Get me some more of THAT!

Anywho... Cory has been on a major cleaning kick because of my sensitive nose. EVERYTHING smells bad! He has been using baking soda and white vinegar to ward off some smells. It's helped. Not 100% - but quite a bit. Unfortunately, today he is working in the basement (he gets the day off from work).... and he discovered...... MOLD! Yes, that's right... mold. I have mentioned before about our drainage issues. As you can see from the pictures below... the water runs off our back hill and driveway.. RIGHT into our basement.

Please don't mind the mess... Cory has it all torn apart trying to see where the mold is and what the heck is going on down there.

If you look in the bottom picture, you can see a metal cover right where the garage door comes down. That is a drain... however, there are 2 OTHER drains that are placed in odd spots in the floor as well... so that first drain doesn't always do it's job when the rain comes pouring in. I think the previous owners thought that by covering the rock wall on the right in what looks like swimming pool concrete, they would help the problem. I think they just made it uglier! (Personally, I only like the look of swimming pool in a swimming pool).

Anyway... I am forbidden to go in the basement.... and Cory and his parents are going to try to get a closer look to determine if we need to call in professionals. (cha-ching!)

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Also... I have been having HORRIBLE heartburn! I never knew what heartburn was until 2 nights ago. Then last night... it hit me HARD! I have been dealing with it all day and it is definitely not fun. I don't know if it was something I ate? But I haven't really eaten anything too much out of the ordinary. Ok... I did have some pepperoni... and what about garlic? Would that cause it? I don't know... but I don't wish this on anyone!!

Well, I'm off to pull a blueberry pie out of the oven (can't believe I got up the motivation to make it!)... it smells wonderful!

I hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!!


  1. that wall is kind of ridiculous!

    heartburn might have been the worst thing about pregnancy for me
    and the fact that i still continue to get it...despite never having suffered it before!
    but hopefully soon that and the nausea will pass!
    until then watch out for the pepperoni and garlic!

  2. The heartburn....UGH! I only got it a couple of times with both kids, but I'll never forget the pain. BLECH.

    Maternity clothes...double ICK. They never fit me right and I hated them with a passion. I was never so glad to see those clothes gone when I was done with them. The only clothes that were ever really comfortable were yoga pants, sweats and t shirts!

  3. Congrats Devon!!! In the beginning I used Tums and drank a lot of chocolate milk for heartburn. Closer to the end, when it just got worse and worse and waking me up I finally gave in to my perinatologist and started taking Prilosec. It worked but it was also hard to remember to take it before the heartburn came on.
    Maternity clothes, good luck around here! It's a good thing you are able to make some of your own things. I was able to find khakis for work at JCPenney, and a couple shirts and pairs of jeans at Ross for cheap, $7 shirts and $10 jeans, but they have some pretty out there stuff.


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