Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whirlwind Birthday!

My birthday turned out to be a little bit of a whirlwind.

Not exactly what we were expecting!

I got a call early in the morning that my mom was being taken to the ER. You can read more about it at my sister's blog HERE. She ended up being admitted and wasn't released until this morning. The last couple of days have been a little unsettling!! But I'm just grateful that my mom is home and hopefully recovering and resting!

With things up in the air about my mom, we didn't end up deciding to go out of town. (Cory wanted to take me to a town about an hour away that has a mall and lots of stores that we don't have around here--to look for maternity clothes). We weren't sure if my mom had this horrible flu that has been going around, so we decided not to go out and visit her unless we got a call that things were really serious (since we weren't really sure what was going on)... but we also didn't want to drive an hour away because that would take us farther from my hometown in case we DID get a call. So we hung around the house and Cory helped his dad tear a block dividing wall out of the basement.

I opened some presents... Boo helped. (Don't mind my unruly hair! No matter how hard I try, it always looks like crap!!)

That in my hand... is new ink for my vintage Remington typewriter!! You have to buy the spools and then take the ribbon off and put it on the spools that are actually on the typewriter. Luckily my husband is a sweetie. I don't have patience for that kind of thing!

I also got some other things from Cory... a Dougie MacLean CD (which is already in my cars CD player)... and The Overton Window book by Glenn Beck. (I know, I know... some of you think he is a kook, but to each their own!) My in-laws got me TOMS! and 200 Forever Stamps!!! WOOT! And a friend of mine sent me a couple of fun, crafty little cards.

With everything going on with my mom, I didn't have a chance to celebrate with my parents or sister's family... but one of these days, soon!

Cory took me out for dinner and ice cream... and then we just spent the evening relaxing! Sometimes that's just nice!

Here is how Weezer spent my birthday...

Must be rough being a cat!


  1. Happy belated Birthday and what a day! keeping your mom & family in my prayers:)

  2. oh that book is on my summer reading list. You have to let me know if it's good!!!

    I'm glad that overall your birthday was a good some. Sometimes simple is the best.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom!

  3. you got the toms~ that is so cooool. i added extra o's even. you are wearing the bracelet, i have goose bumps. hey if the charms fall off just super glue them back on. i am a detail freak. give your mom a kiss for me. you are lovely.

  4. WOW!!!! Patty and Gene spent almost $100 on just STAMPS for you! ;) You must be their *favorite* daughter in law! ;)

    Hurry and read the Overton Window....I need to borrow it! :o)

    Tell Cory those are some short shorts! ;)


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