Friday, July 23, 2010

Slug = Me

After a horribly impromptu bout of vomiting last night before bed... trying to sleep sitting up (needless to say I didn't get much sleep)... and a morning of acid-throat, nausea and sour stomach... I have to admit that I'm getting a little discouraged and frustrated with myself.

I am not trying to complain here... because I know I have been so blessed to carry this child in me!! But I guess I'm just wondering why, all of a sudden, I am bombarded with acid indigestion... heartburn... throwing up... and basically just an upset stomach all around?! I thought it was supposed to ease up after the first trimester??

Hormones, I guess! *sigh*

I must say though, the worst part about it... even though it's never fun to feel like crap... is that I feel like I'm letting Cory down. Even Boo, our dog seems a little more sad than usual.

Today, I made myself eat some ramen noodles for lunch. I had picked up a bunch of Boo's toys off the floor and put them in her toy basket. As I put them away... she got them back out, but didn't play with them. She just laid them back on the floor. Then when I went to get my noodles off the stove, I came back to find her tennis ball on the love seat (which is where I sit about 99.9% of the time). I feel so bad... but I have no energy to take her on a walk or outside to play, especially in the heat. I am so thankful Cory's parents take her for "sleepovers" at least once or twice a week. They treat her like a princess and I feel so guilty, like I'm being a horrible mama to my pup!!

Then there is Cory. He has been working over time for weeks. Going in to work early, coming home late a lot of days. Then he is either out mowing the lawn (cuz you know this gal has no energy to do that in this heat) or in the basement trying to get things ready for the concrete guy to start tearing things up. We literally see each other for maybe an hour a day, which is when we eat dinner.

Although, props to him last night because he actually came up to the bathroom to give me moral support when he heard me throwing up! Man, was it awful!

Today, even though he is swamped at work, he took time out to come home and bring me ginger ale to try to settle my stomach.... and he even played catch with Boo for a few minutes.

I feel like the biggest waste of space at the moment. I try to keep up with the dishes... but I can only do a little at a time and have to sit in between. I can't keep up with laundry because the machines are in the basement and I'm not allowed down there for the time being. I vacuum... but other than that... I just feel like I can't muster up the energy to do much else (like crafting or sewing... or heck, even straightening up more around the house).

It's really discouraging... but I'm so grateful that Cory is there for me and picks up my slack (though I'm trying to be better about leaving so much slack... but I just can't shake the sickness factor!).

I just have to keep reminding myself that "This too shall pass"... and it will all be worth it in the end! And it could definitely be worse!!!!


  1. You know if I was there...I would give you a big hug! Pregnancy can be super difficult...the heat can make you really sick too. Boo and Cory will survive...this time will pass! :) It *will* get better...and think of beautiful fall days with a cool breeze...wrapping up in a sweater with your lil baby bump and going for a walk with Cory and Boo! :) I was basically flu-like sick for 4 months straight...any and everything I ate came right back up. I actually *told* Chris I didn't want to be pregnant anymore...but here we are over 9 years later and I am horrified that I ever thought that. The months of sickness were fleeting compared to the joy Madelyn brings to me and everyone around her. :) This will be a distant memory, sooner than you think!
    Just keep doing what you can, as you can. I *really* think you should turn on your AC in your room and rest in there!

    xo Feel better! xo

  2. I really felt so exhausted a lot of the time, I think it might have been worse for me in the first half. I didn't cook dinner much. My parents still lived here and I ate at my mom's almost every day. lol. I'd bring home left overs for Suj. So yeah I mooched off my mama, but she didn't seem to mind haha.

    You just need enough laundry clean so that you don't have to wear dirty undies, don't worry too much about everything that needs to be done. :)
    I do remember I had heartburn all the time too. I had so many tums or shots of half and half(haha, true) to try to calm it. It always came back. I am sorry you are dealing with that too!

    I think when you get to feel the baby moving, it's so exciting and things like heartburn might seem a little more bearable. Just rest, and rest, and rest! :)


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