Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Early Birthday Surprise!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my birthday is coming up. This coming Tuesday, as a matter of fact!

I am excited in a way that says "WOO HOO, IT'S MY DAY!"... but I'm not excited to actually be getting older.

27 on the 27th. That's what keeps going through my head!

I bought myself an early birthday present last week. It's a Polar Bottle. A well-reviewed water bottle that is supposed to keep your drink cold up to 5X longer than an average bottle, especially if you freeze half and then add more water later. I have been having issues with drinking so far during this pregnancy. No, I don't mean alcohol! *ICK* But for some reason NOTHING tastes good. The only thing I really like is ICE COLD WATER WITH LEMON. But it only hits the spot at a restaurant. Not with the ice from home. It's a pain! So I am hoping this water bottle will be my solution! It's meant for bicyclists who go on long, grueling rides. I might not be exercising that much (or at all really)... but my body is going through a heck of a lot. So I think it counts!

Anyway... that isn't the Birthday Surprise like my title would suggest.

Today, I opened the mail to find a padded envelope from the lovely Lara, who was a blog swap partner of mine earlier in the year. She has her OWN designer handbags... and she sent me one in the swap! I was blown away! I still use the bag... it is my favorite and most convenient bag that I've ever had.


Today, I opened the padded envelope to find some fun stuff, plus a homemade card! She totally made my day! Check it out:

Funky notecards, STAMPS!, a little dinosaur (which I plan on adding to my printers block drawer, which is slowly filling up--YEA!), and this cool bracelet that she got in Laguna Beach. It looks like a bunch of old buttons! Very fun!

Thank you, Thank you Lara!!
What a fun package to open!
You are too sweet!!


My doctor appointment went well on Tuesday. The doctor was on vacation so I saw a nurse practioner who was AWESOME. (Kinda wish she was my doc!) We tried listening to the heartbeat with a doppler thingy... and she couldn't find it for quite awhile. As I was about to go into freak out mode... she told me to hang tight and went to get the better doppler thingy. AND IT WORKED! Talk about a slight moment of panic. But all is well... the HB was 152 (come on... be a girl!!)... and oddly enough, I have only gained 1/2 a pound. I can't hardly believe that... but apparently it's true! So... next appointment is in mid-August.

Love and prayers go out to my blog friend Chana... who recently lost her wee one at 10 weeks (pregnant). Her baby is in His hands now...


  1. How sweet of Lara! :) She has such a great heart!

    I am glad your baby is doing well....but I *have* to say...I really think it is a boy. ;) I will be thrilled either way...Oh how I can't wait to snuggle him (or her)! :)

    I am so sorry for Chana's you know, I have been there, and the loss of a child is one of the most difficult things to go through!

  2. Hi Nen,
    I am glad dino made it safely. he really brings good things. i used to do the same freak out when the doctor couldn't find the heart beat during ultrasounds. welcome to being a mom. super sensative when if comes to your baby. no matter what age. drink lots of water. enjoy not being huge while you can. trust me...

  3. Hi,

    I thought you might like this link:

    I got it from this blog:

    Anyhow, you can plug in your week and it tells you how the baby is developing.


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