Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!!

First of all, I have to thank those of you who commented on my post yesterday. I *think* I've convinced Cory to experiment with NOT using dryer sheets for awhile... however, he still wants to use them for his dress shirts (he wears a suit to work) because he claims that they help with wrinkles. I have no idea. All I know is that I absolutely cannot stand the smell!!

I have a quick question though about the white vinegar? Will that work in a High Efficiency washer? I've wanted to make my own laundry soap for awhile, but they make you think that if you have an "HE" system, you have to buy the "HE" products. So I'm afraid to stray from the path with laundry soap or vinegar!

I've also wondered about those wool dryer balls... anyone use those? Can I make my own from old wool sweaters???

Ok--thinking about this is making me want to gag.... onto more important things.


It's my birthday! WOO HOO!

Cory took the day off of work, which is nice since he has been totally swamped and going in early a lot!

I'm not sure what we are going to do... but I'm just thankful that I get to spend the day with him!! Hooray!!

I'm sure I'll have more to report on it tomorrow... but I'm going to go now and start MY DAY!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope that your day is a fabulous one :)

  2. Happy Birthday Devon!!

    Yes, you can make your own laundry detergent. I have a front loader and they want you to only use low suds detergent. My recipe that I have makes that and it is soooooo cheap!!

    1 bar of soap (ivory, fels napa, etc)
    5 gal bucket
    washing soda

    Grate soap and cover with water in saucepan. cook on low stirring alot until soap is melted.

    Pour soap goop into 5 gal bucket.

    Add 1C borax and 1C washing soda.

    Stir until dissolved.

    Add hot water to fill up bucket stirring while it is filling up.

    You can use this immediately. It will thicken as it cools. This lasts a long time and cost only pennies to make. Good Luck!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday today!!!!

  3. Wool Dryer Balls are awesome! We LOVE ours and still have the same 6 that we bought from 3 years ago from a mom at www.WoolDryerBalls.com . Hers are not made the raveled way (raveled comes apart after a month or so use!) She has more information on her site www.WoolDryerBalls.com!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blessed day and enjoy your hubby!!


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