Saturday, July 10, 2010

8th Picture Photo Challenge

Does that title even make sense? haha! Oh well!

I was tagged by the lovely Ms. Tessica over at I fly like a bird to participate in a photo challenge. You go to your eighth picture folder and post the 8th picture.

I regret to say... my picture is not very exciting!


Drum roll please......

There it is. My "sunburst" pot. Back when I was creating pottery more often (since lately it's been about ZIP, ZILCH, NADA...) I decided to add a little extra to my pot. This was the end product.

It sold at a sale... so that's something, right?

I've actually been meaning to delete a bunch of these art/crafting photos since I don't really need them anymore... but part of me hates to see them go!

Now.... onto my tagging...

If you so choose: Katy, Brittany and Jenn, join in the fun and post the 8th picture from your 8th folder! Let's see what random pic comes up for you!!!


  1. I totally think that is an exciting picture! Having heard about your pottery it is AWESOME to see some and i think it is GREAAATTTT!!
    btw thanks for participating!

  2. Cute! You should definatly make more pottery soon, you're wonderful at it! I tried the pottery wheel a few times ... and failed miserably (unless making lopsided pots and flinging clay all over the place count).

  3. That is really cute! I'll post my photo sometime today! :)

  4. Tag, you're it. (only if you want to)


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