Monday, July 26, 2010

I Have A Problem...

... it's called THE DRYER.

More specifically, DRYER SHEETS.

Over the past number of weeks as I've dealt with my super-bionic pregnant nose, I've noticed that I am having a really hard time with dryer sheets.

Not just the specific brand that we use, but even if someone is near me and I can smell their dryer sheet from the clothes they're wearing... it makes me *gag*!

The other day, we stopped at Cory's parents and then a little bit later, a friends house. BOTH had their dryers running and as we were standing outside (apparently somewhere near the vents--that I couldn't see)... It was all I could do not to get sick! I had to move far away, which meant, we ended up leaving.

It was horrible!

If Cory's clothes smell like a dryer sheet, he can't come near me.

Last night, my PJ's smelled like it and I couldn't stand it! I tried finding a Tshirt or something to wear, but everything smelled so disgustingly "fresh". Eventually I gave up.

It honestly makes my throat just feel scratchy and gaggy!


Due to the overhaul of our basement, I'm not allowed down there even to do laundry. So Cory has been taking care of it. We normally like to hang our clothes out on the line, but it's been raining off and on, so we've had to use the dryer more than normal.

What can I use in the dryer that won't smell??

I know you can get unscented dryer sheets... but those still have a certain scent (at least to me).

There has to be SOMETHING we can use!!



  1. Hi Nen,
    Found your blog by accident and liked it! Very real. Twenty five years ago my child had bad allergies. The Doc said to stop dryer sheets. I did and never used them again. No problems...I found they are not needed. Guess we aren't staticky around here. I buy good soap so they are still soft. Bella

  2. Try using 1 cup of white vinegar in your rinse cycle, this eliminates the need for dryer sheets or softener:)unless of course you don't like the smell of vinegar, but by the time the clothes are dry you won't smell it.

  3. I sound like a broken record, but white vinegar does the trick! If you forget/can't go downstairs, search for one of those downy balls. I have one, and I just pour vinegar in it, so it'll open during the rinse cycle! About 1/4-1/2 cup does the trick for us!

  4. sorry that the smells are still bothering you!
    i have heard the vinegar tip works really well (then you just have to stomach the original vinegar smell!
    i got your letter in the mail! and i'm going to write you back tomorrow!

  5. I have not been able to use dryer sheets since gagging on them with my first baby. (I think men must have made that commercial for Gain Laundry Detergent-the one where the guy says his wife was craving the scent of gain while pregnant. It still stinks 5 1/2 years later) Anyway, I never use softener, and I have *rarely* had a problem with static, etc., with my laundry, and I line dry as well.
    I read you sisters blog, and as I had this EXACT same problem, I just had to sympathize!


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