Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Horrible Story!

So, the other day I went to the library to bask in the A/C while my house was roasting like an oven. I could only stay about an hour because I'm pretty sure the librarians wouldn't really like to find me drooling on the table as I slept in the cool, calm atmosphere. And I knew if I actually sat on one of the couches, it was all over. It was so tempting though.

I picked out a couple of books (after scouring through authors and titles I've never heard of. We have such a dinky library!) and checked them out, came home and roasted like a pig as I started reading the first one.

It was quite good.

I'm now on the second... and it's pretty good as well.

My problem is though, that I usually end up reading at night because as tired as I am... I never can fall right asleep. Poor Cory does not sleep well with the light on in the bedroom. Even though it's my bedside lamp, it's pretty bright.

I try to do my best to not disturb him... and I usually read until my eyelids won't stay open, which causes me then to roll out of bed and make my last trip to the bathroom (which usually turns into many trips throughout the night)... and then crawl back in bed and pray. Not only pray, in all seriousness. But also pray that I can fall asleep!

Well... last night I read longer than I intended. I couldn't help it! The book has got me wanting more! What's going to happen next!?! But at 10:30PM, I knew I needed to put it down and try to get some rest. Body, you are so tired... why won't you just sleep!?

Sooo... I make my bathroom trip, turn off my lamp, crawl into bed and try to get comfy (which hasn't been easy with the onslaught of the heartburn-from-hell). It wasn't so bad though. Semi-propped up, A/C on and prayers started.....

Then I felt it.

Was that my hair?

But the A/C is too far away to make my hair blow....


A tickle on my neck from my right ear down to the middle of the left side of my neck.


I freaked out and jumped out of bed... turning on the light... all in less than 2 seconds, I swear!

I scanned the covers... all the while, Cory starts stirring (CRAP! I hate to wake him!)...

Then I see it!



I flipped! Cory got up, though groggy, he obviously caught onto "THERE WAS A SPIDER ON MY NECK!" and didn't want the same to happen to him.

All I had was my slipper to try to smash it with. And who really wants smashed spider on their bed? Cory handed me a (thankfully) unused tissue... and I tried to scoop it up and squish it with my fingers. (I hate that crunching sensation... this was not a SMALL spider. Of course, it wasn't HUGE either... but it was bigger than my thumb nail--and that's pretty big considering I take prenatal vitamins and those nails keep on a-growin'!) It evaded my tissue and started crawling toward my pillow. I am squealing, Cory is groaning... and finally I swish the darn thing to the floor and grab my slipper to squish it into the carpet.

Cory calmly crawls back into bed... while I have these fits of HEEBIE-JEEBIES where I have to keep shaking out my hair and doing a little spider jig! Horrible!

I pulled back the covers and checked for MORE... and I moved and shook out my pillows. THIS IS WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY DAY! I don't want any spiders UNDER my covers. ICK!

I calm down... slightly... and get back into bed.

But for the next ten minutes I keep replaying the whole thing in my mind! Careful to keep my mouth shut, I tried to will myself to sleep... but every twitch or tingle my body made just made me jittery. Ugh!

This just had to happen. To me, of course. I guess I can just be thankful that it didn't go in my mouth... or ear... and that it exists no longer.


I finally had to go downstairs to try to lull myself back to an almost-sleepy state by reading some more (which, Ok... isn't THAT horrible)... but...

I hate spiders. I really do.


  1. ACK!! I hate, loathe, can't stand spiders either! I've got to tell you, I probably would have freaked out in the same exact way! In fact I'm getting chills just thinkng about it!

    PS: You need to share the name of the book that was so good you couldn't put it down :)

  2. omg you should have seen the mama-jama i killed the other day!ahhhh it was huge!

    umm you handled that much more calmly than i would have!
    as long as they aren't touching me i can stay calm but holy cow i can't believe it was crawling on you!

  3. What is up with everyone and spiders lately??? I'm sure I would have freaked, especially because I know the exterminator has taken out some black widows lately. I've never seen them in the house, but I'd instantly think it WAS one if something were crawling on me. EEEWWWW

  4. At least it wasn't a TARANTULA!!!



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