Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here Comes A Birthday!

Next week my niece is turning 9!


I cannot believe it!

Well, I suggested to my mom and sister that they bring the kids over to my neck of the woods for a day of playing in this local kid zone. You know... indoor jungle gym, laser tag, mini golf, arcade games.... not to mention pizza and all sorts of other foods!!

So Tuesday is the day!
And I'm making some cupcakes to take along.

Yesterday, my mom and I were out and about... and decided to pick up some decorative items for Madelyn's special day. She loves Mary Engelbreit... because her mom loves it.... and it just so happened that Michaels (craft store) had some things we could use!!

Check it out:

(Ok, so we got the red plates at Target...) We got a table cloth and napkins... as well as some wrapping paper... and these little icing/candy flowers!

The plan is to make some of those yummy cupcakes in an ice cream cone... then decorate the icing on top with jimmies and a little flower. I will have to transport these cupcakes... so I plan on wrapping up a shirt box (with the ME paper) and having circles cut out so that each cone fits securely. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work! I may end up with a mess in my car!
We'll see!

Birthdays are so fun!!


  1. It is going to be a wonderful time! I love the items you guys got to make her day special. I could almost bawl at the fact that my sweet daughter will be 9! Devon...she is almost double digits! ACK! Where have the years gone???

    Tuesday will be such fun! I look forward to it! :)

  2. All this sounds wonderful for a sweet girl. She is going to enjoy everything you have planned. I love reading Katy's blog and keeping up with those wonderful children. They have such a geat family. I know you are looking forward to beginning your life as a mom. I know you will have a great family also.

  3. i did the exact same thing for aub's b-day in june! and the shirt box idea is the same as what i did only i used an old cereal box, so from experience i would say that should work well!
    btw a letter is on the way!

  4. OOH, a birthday. SOO fun. Those party decorations are too cute. I love those kid zones. One of these days I'll have to get around to playing lazer tag!!

  5. Your niece is lucky to have a such a fun aunt! Cupcakes in ice cream cones is one of my all-time favorite deserts :)

  6. there is nothing as fun to a kid as a cool auntie! I bet fun will be had in a major way!

  7. ohmygosh ice cream cone cupcakes. YES PLEASE.


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