Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday #32

I am confined to my bedroom at the moment. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that we are having a drainage/mold/mildew issue in our basement. Cory took the day off and has suited up with a special suit, mask and goggles to scrub and clean that mold. We had a professional come in and look at everything and he is going to fix everything so that we will have NO MORE WATER ISSUES! Hallelujah! However, he is booked until sometime in August, so we'll have to wait a month.

Anyway, since I'm quarantined to the bedroom... surrounded by paper, envelopes, books, the computer and a box of animal crackers (hey, I knew I'd get hungry!)... I figured I'd dig out a picture for this weeks Flashback Friday!!

Cheer Camp!

I bet you never guessed I was a cheerleader... haha!

Yep! From 8th grade on! This particular photo was taken the summer before 11th grade. I was co-captains with the girl on the far right. The girl in the middle was one of the staff giving me tips on one of the stunts we were doing.

Man, was I tan! And you can't really tell... but my hair was LONG! So long, in fact, I had to loop it up into my ponytail just to keep it from swinging down my back and getting yanked during stunts, etc.

I hated that year of cheer camp. A number of "popular girls" decided to join the squad that year to "make it better".... and they had no idea what they were doing so it was a lot of drama. A month or two into the school year, I tore a ligament in my wrist during cheer practice and had to have surgery. So I couldn't cheer the rest of the year. Didn't matter though. I ended up homeschooling anyway!

Oh well...

Those were in my thinner days (if you can call them that).... however, I am wearing those shorts at this very moment! haha!!

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  1. Those tie dyed shirts rockin :) I think that's so exactly did those popular girls think they were going to make it better, just by being there? I can honestly say, I own no piece of clothing that I wore in the 11th grade...but then again that over...cough cough...20 years ago

  2. Hello cuteness!! You look just the same though, I must say! Beautiful as ever! Dumb popular girls, so annoying!

  3. i'm wearing a tie dye shirt right now

    and i have hw for you!
    go check it out

  4. Ugh, that year sounds like a nightmare. But hey, you got an awesome pair of shorts out of it!

    Stopping by from Flashback Friday

  5. I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I tried out, but... no dice. I was the overweight unpopular girl, so... ya know.

    I would have killed to wear those tie dye shirts and cheer shorts!

  6. Hey I remember that cheer camp! I still have the shirt although the bottom hem is completely unraveled. Outgrew the shorts long ago, haha. That was the year I joined, but I wasn't one of the popular ones, in fact, they didn't much speak to me. And the person who most talked me into signing up stopped speaking to me too because she was taken in by them. I joined because I had to quit dance, and I missed dancing so much!


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