Friday, October 1, 2010

"Next To Me"

One of my absolute most favorite bands just released a streaming copy of one of the songs off of their new album. I was SO excited to see their Facebook post about it... I just had to share.

Next to Me by sleepingatlast

They are doing a year long project called "Yearbook" where they release a new song each month for 12 months. I haven't subscribed for it... but I'm itching to!! Until then, I will enjoy the streaming version while it lasts!

**I'm doing a little better today (as far as my post from yesterday)... I'm going to try really hard to do whats best for me and the baby!**


  1. That's such a pretty song! I've played it a few times already, haha!
    I'm glad you're feeling better momma!

  2. Oh this song is SO good! I love these guys... A letter is still going to be coming your way, Devon...I've been crazy busy but I haven't forgotten about snail mail!!!


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