Monday, October 18, 2010

TO.. or.. NOT TO?

My doctor's office called last week.

They are giving flu shots on Friday.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go.

To be 100% honest, I wasn't planning on getting a flu shot at all.

I've never had one.

I'm not really "For" or "Against"... I guess I'm just indifferent.

If I get the flu, I get the flu.

However, now that I'm pregnant... I'm really not quite sure what to do.

Seems like a number of people I know who GET a flu shot, end up with the flu!

And a number of women I know who were pregnant at one point or another, never got a flu shot.

Do any of you mamas have an opinion?

Of course, I know that if I DON'T get one, my doctor is going to rail on me... but is it truly necessary?


  1. I didn't get one, and I was pregnant from November to August. I've never gotten one, and I really didn't have any issues when I was pregnant. My sinuses were stuffed up, but it's nothing some hot tea, and a vicks inhaler on the really bad days, didn't cure. We don't do flu shots here, only because we've never had issues with fighting off the flu bug! Good luck!

  2. I never get one, but last year my doctor said Adeline had to have one since she wasn't even 1 yet.
    and guess what... Adeline caught the flu that winter.

    I won't be getting the flu shot; I'll just be washing my hands a lot more often and taking a little more sanitary precautions during cold/flu season.

  3. I've never ever gotten one. When I started my job here at the hopsital, they even offered me a free one. Here's the thing, it only MIGHT protect you from whatever they predict is the most common strain for the year. In the end, it's still a craps shoot. I never got one when I was pregnant with either kid. Even IF you get one, you still can get the flu. I just never saw it being worth the effort in the long run and not a single OB ever argued with me when I said no.

  4. I have never gotten a flu shot and don't think you should. Honestly, if you *were* to get the flu...the baby would be OK. Only in the absolute worst case scenario would it be harmful to the baby. I agree with what all the girls, above, said! :)

    And honestly, if I were you, I would consider switching ob/gyn drs. For reasons we both know! :)

  5. do what ever makes you feel good. i never get flu shots. it's all a hoax. but that is just me. i have missed you! hope you are feeling great!

  6. My Dr. was on me pretty hard last year around this time for the hubby and I to get the flu shot. Our Baby girl was only a month old and they of course were just concerned for her if she were to catch it from us. We choose not to get it and we won't be getting it this year ether. :) I think its been years since I actually had the flu. We personally believe more in taking good quality vitamins, eating healthy and washing hands. {of course we are not perfect at any of the above.} but we try.

  7. I am ALL for getting flu shots.

    Last year me and my entire family got the swine flu. It was the worst flu we had ever experienced. I still remember laying on the couch, literally thinking that I was going to die. Any my son, ooooh my gosh, he got it the worst. Not only did he get the swine flue, but he got pneumonia too.

    I never ever want any of us to experience that again. Ever. Or anything like it.

    I know that typically with a flu shot, its normal to experience mild flu like symptoms the day of and maybe the day after, but... mama, you do NOT want to be pregnant and sick with the flu at the same time. Really.

    Obviously its your call though.
    THats just my two cents :)

  8. I agree with Tia, my pregnant daughter got her flu shot. She does work in health care. You can google it,the dangers of flu to the mom and baby. Just my humble opinion. Ask your doctor,I bet he/she wants you to get it. Enjoy your day! Bella

  9. I haven't had one before, but I am not against it either! I just haven't gotten around to it before.

  10. Well, I'm 52 and have only gotten the flu shot a couple of times in my life. Mostly when my mom was ill with alzheimers and I felt safer for some reason when I got the shot.....I don't normally get the DH does get the flu shot and usually gets really knows? LOL Gee, not much help, but if I had to say yes, or no...I'd probably go with no and eat lots of good healthy food..

  11. Make sure you get the preservative free one for preg women.

  12. I got the regular flu shot as well as the H1N1 last fall when I was pregnant by recommendation of my doctor. They say that the protection lasts for up to 6 months after the baby was born, and I'm not sure if it was that, or antibodies from breastfeeding, a little of both, or luck, but neither of us got sick at all until he was about 9 months old. There were pregnant women dying of influenza in hospitals last year, so I don't see why not to protect yourself since we now have means to do so. Those studies people like to talk about that seemed to link shots to autism have been found to be unreliable.


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