Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adding to my Insanity...

I am probably going to sound like the biggest whiner, I'm just warning you now.

If you read my post about my last appointment... you'll know that I gained a bit too much weight in a 6 week period of time. Traumatic? Yes. However, the reaction of my doctor really seemed to tip the scales on my emotions. I think I cried ALL day that day.

Since that appointment, I have been trying to eat healthier and make better choices. I have cut back BIG time on the carbs and other things that helped to not flare up my heartburn. I have made a point to eat more fruits and veggies, whole grains, chicken. Not to say that I haven't had a cookie here or there, I have to stay sane people! I have also absolutely stressed out about my next appointment... which happened to be this morning.

Before I left for the appointment, I literally ate a piece of toast, went to the bathroom a million times... and then when I got to the scale at the office... made sure my sweater and shoes were off. I didn't want any extra weight on that scale!!! Last weight: 166.5.... this weight: 165.75. I lost, what... 3/4 of a lb. in 4 weeks?? I was definitely happy about that.

So, I'm in the exam room.. and the nurse lady hands me this paper. 1800 Calorie Diet Sheet. She asks me if I'm supposed to have it. Ummmm... HOW SHOULD I KNOW? It was in my file, so I guess I'm supposed to have it(?). So she left and I had that single sheet as reading material for the HOUR wait until the doctor came in.

It was the guy doctor this time... really nice... talks a little too fast for me though. It's like his brain is on warp-speed. Hard to keep up with sometimes.

Well, he did the usual measuring, checking the heart beat... then we went into his office and he talked to me about the Diabetes Screening thing I have to do next week. So I decided to ask him about the "diet sheet" while I was there and had his attention. Was there a reason they had given it to me? Is my weight gain bad?

He started going over all of my paperwork and talking fast, trying to add up mathematical figures on how much I'd gained, how many calories I should be eating... and he asked me how tall I am.

5' 3"

How much did I weigh when I started out? 153

He then proceeded to tell me that for my height, I should be around 115-120 lbs normally (ha! I bypassed that going into the 6th grade!)... and that because I was overweight to begin with, I should really only gain about 20 lbs total during pregnancy.

This is where I started to swallow a lot... you know, holding back the tears.

I have already gained 12 lbs... so I should only gain about 8 lbs more MAX. But the way he said it was, "Since you've already gained the majority of your weight, you should only gain 8 lbs in the last 3 months. And you know, the last trimester is when you should gain MOST of your weight."


I must add that he said that I am doing good... and that he is the "weight police" so he'd really let me have it if he thought I was out of control.... but MAN oh MAN! Talk about messing with someone's psyche!!! Who likes to go every 2-4 weeks and hear about their weight?? It's rather deflating! I mean, I obviously knew I'd gain weight with pregnancy... but I didn't expect to have that little dig about my previous weight tossed into the mix.

I know that all I can do is try to be as healthy as possible... but I guess, since I'm so sensitive, I feel like every mention of my weight - before, during, or after pregnancy - is tearing me down! Does this happen to everyone? I mean, do I really have the weight gestapo OBGYN or what? Tell me I'm not crazy!!!! I sure have been feeling like it lately......


In other news... Cory decided he didn't like the girl name we (ok, I) had picked out... back to square one... but I may still try to sway his opinion!!!


  1. I don't get why they are giving you such a hard time about your weight. Honestly, I was over 200 lbs. with high blood pressure when I got pregnant and was considered high-risk, and they never lectured me about weight! Every book I read recommended that you eat an extra 500 calories each day to ensure the baby is getting enough nutrients, not cut calories! If anything I would think they would ask you to walk daily or something rather than cut calories. It seems like they are putting unnecessary stress on you. Keep up the good eating habits, the scale is going to go up no matter what you eat as you retain water and the baby gains weight every day (as a healthy growing baby should!) If you would happen to gain 10 lbs. in a period of just a couple days, then that's a cause for concern.

  2. That's just silly, I gained 54 lbs. before my son was born and we are both very alive and well 18 1/2 yrs. later! I don't know why they are so weight conscious, but i think you look wonderful and trim!!!

  3. much I want to say...but none of it will even change your mind. You are absolutely beautiful...and that wee babe of yours is growing perfectly. Don't let the drs tell you otherwise!

  4. oh..and one more NOT cut down to those calories! That is crazy! I have *never* heard of a dr telling anyone to eat under 2000 cals while pregnant! Um...could you find a great midwife around there instead? :)

  5. Awww momma I hate that you're so stressed out.
    If it adds any extra confidence to you, I'm 5'4" and I weigh way more than you do.

    I wish I could tell you to try not to sweat it and just eat what you want and do what you want (since that's totally what I do)
    BUT I can see that this is consuming you, and I wish it didn't.

    As long as you deliver a healthy baby and you yourself are healthy don't you worry about anything.
    Trust me, with all teh worrying we mommies do weight just adds on one more and it can totally tip you over if you let it.

    Love you girl!

  6. Devon, ENJOY your pregnancy. You wanted to be pregnant for SOO long, you are finally there now, so try to enjoy it! You can lose the weight later, a couple of extra pounds is not the end of the world! So go eat a little ice cream and enjoy yourself =)

  7. Oh my goodness! I've got to tell you that (as an overweight woman both pre and post pregnancy) no one has ever told me such and thing ... and I've had two kids. You definatly need to slow down and enjoy your pregnancy. It's your first one, so take time to love how your body is changing and creating a miracle inside of it. Stress will get you nowhere.

    Lots and lots of prayers coming at you!

  8. Ohh my gosh!! I really wish they weren't giving you a weird time about this. :( That's not right in my opinion! Yes you do have the weight gestapo obgyn!!

    I feel like you could consider telling the Dr's that you don't want to talk about your weight anymore unless you develop a health issue related to it. I highly highly doubt that you will, if I didn't! Ignore them! :P

    I have said before that by the very end of my pregnancy I had gained near 40lbs. My midwife was only concerned once near the end when I gained either 6 or 9 lbs in two weeks because it was mostly water retention and she just wanted to make sure I didn't have high blood pressure. I didn't and so it was fine! She never told me to diet or restrict calories and I was much bigger than you.

  9. Oh your doctor living in 1970? I agree with Christina and ask not to mention it unless an issue comes up. I think midwives are much better too! You look fine in your pictures. I started out your size and went up to 190 with no problems. My doc never said anything bc I was healthy I guess. Back in the day doctors were brutal on women. He seems insensitive and way old fashioned. Bella

  10. SERIOUSLY...ignore him! Unless you are stuffing yourself (which I know you're not), you will level out, especially at the end. You are doing just fine and they shouldn't be making you feel bad about where you are. GRRRRRRRRRRR


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