Monday, October 25, 2010

Lazy Monday

There's nothing too exciting going on today.
It's just a dreary Monday!
Dark, rainy and cold!

I have been looking at cribs.
We can't really go with anything too expensive...
but I found this one that has a "cottage" look.
I think it will work well in the room... plus.. it converts to
a toddler bed and eventually a regular bed, if we want.


That was all the bigger I could get the picture to load!

Of course, we wouldn't have girlie bedding in it.
We've registered for a neutral set.

Once Cory comes home and can look at the crib stuff,
I am hoping to get it ordered so we can get
it in here and set up!
I know we still have 3 months... but our Shower is at the
end of November and I'd like to have everything all
set up and in place before that.


I'm off to bake some cookies for Cory's lunches!

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