Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rake the Leaves! Rake the Leaves!

Cory decided that today was a good day to take care of the leaves in our yard.

I raked them into piles, he mulched them with the vacuum thingy and then dumped them at the edge of the property (after giving some to the chickens... they love peckin' through all of that leafy goodness).

Definitely a perfect day for yard work. Except for the gnats. They were out of control!

Oh yeah, and that big spider by the shed. Cory definitely killed that one... it ain't gettin' in my house for the winter! ((shudder))

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday as much as we are!
I know Weezer is just having a blast...



  1. We are in NW PA and the gnats are terrible here too, such a beautiful day out too but i got tired of them and came in:( Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. I'll be spending this gorgeous weekend inside, due to a sinus infection/head cold. So please make sure to enjoy the weather for me too! lol :)

  3. I am actually a fan of having the leaves in the yard! ;) But it is GREAT exercise! Love the pictures of Boo and Weeze! :)


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