Monday, October 4, 2010

It Has Begun...

I know that fall just started a couple of weeks ago... and I am definitely enjoying the cool, crisp weather and changing leaves! We've had a number of rainy days though and I don't know about you, but it just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of chai tea latte (I should check the local cafe to see if they carry those in decaf... I really want one!). I don't feel like cleaning, doing dishes or laundry. I just want to feel cozy! I'm guilty of having these days quite often... not that I want to be lazy... but when the opportunity presents itself...... well, ya know. I do the bare minimum of cleaning, dishes and laundry and then find the rest of my day lounging around.

Hey, I can do that at this point... I don't imagine I'll be able to once the baby is here (I started my 6th month! Eeek!).


My mind has started drifting to things like Thanksgiving and Christmas, wanting to make plans for family gatherings (perhaps we'll have Thanksgiving here this year)... and then I realized... Oh Crap! I better get my butt in gear if I want to do some handmade gift-giving this year! I say it every year and then I wait until the last minute and feel CRAZY trying to get it all done in time!

(My nephew at Christmas last year, laying out his Curious George PJ's for everyone to see)

Last year I made PJ's for my niece and nephews... and sweater totes for a couple of cousins.

I have a couple of ideas in my head of what I want to do this year...

My nephew LOVES volkswagens... so I'm going to try to make him a vw bug pillow. TRY being the key word.

I found some clothes on sale last spring (can't beat 97 cents each!)... so I probably won't make anything for my niece this year... or if I do, it will just be something small.

Not sure what to do for my other nephew who is into all sorts of stuff... farming, cars, trucks, tractors.... *I'm drawing a blank*.


As I've been cleaning up my craft/guest/baby room... I have had to sort through so much fabric and wool sweaters, so I am trying to come up with projects that I can do using those items... instead of going out and buying a ton of supplies.

So today, I started a project that I think is going to turn out really cool.

Here's a peek:

I need to pick up some more supplies (just a few)... and then I'll post a picture of the completed creation! I'm actually really excited about it!

And so it begins... the season of Christmas crafting!

I would love to hear of any handmade gift suggestions or projects that you're working on! I don't know about you... but getting something handmade from someone you love is so much more special than a gift from the store (although, I won't turn those gifts down! haha!).


  1. making gifts is so much work and selfishly i would rather be working on my own stuff. just honest. a great thing to makes kids are robes. they are relatively easy especially if you have a serger. they love to wrap themselves in fleece. i made them for all the cousins and my own girls a couple years back. xoxo

  2. Eeeeeek! So exciting! Christmas crafting is my favorite!!!!


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