Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Outta Here!!!

I have mentioned before that our neighbor's rooster took a liking to our chickens a couple of months ago. He comes over every day and struts around the coop. He can't actually get to our chickens, which is good because we don't want chicks, but the girls follow him around and get as close to the fence as they can to get near him.

No big deal, right?

Not quite.

Sure, he doesn't cause harm to the chickens... however, he poops EVERYWHERE! We can't go up to feed the chickens without stepping in rooster crap. We also can't let our dog outside in the back yard either. Of course, being a dog... she wants to EAT the poop. I didn't really pay attention to this detail as I would let her run up around the coop with me, until she came into the house TWICE and threw up. *nasty*

So, we aren't quite sure what to do. We don't feed him, so we aren't encouraging him to hang out on our property... but how do you get rid of him? Cory's mom works with our neighbor and she was going to mention something to him. It kind of stinks that we can't even let our own dog out in our own yard, ya know?

Anyway, in an effort to scare the rooster, we have tried throwing sticks and pine cones at it. It will run away for awhile, but will always come back. Perhaps we'll try a Super-Soaker (I'll def have to get a video of THAT!).

Here is Cory this weekend, trying to scare the stupid thing...
(Don't worry... Cory's just throwing pine cones at him)


  1. omg, I nearly died when he hid behind the coop! lol

    I would certainly try the supersoaker! Or ... you could eat him. ;)

  2. I'll bring my boys up...they'll scare the daylights outta him! ;) They'll chase him all over the yard...hehe!

    Couldn't you talk to your neighbor about it? :)


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