Friday, October 29, 2010

The Current State of...

Normally, I wouldn't dare take a picture of something "messy" in my home for all of the internet world to see. But in an effort to be a little more transparent on who I really am... just a normal housewife, some days lazy... some days motivated... most days exhausted (hey, I'm pregnant!), I figured... what the heck! And I'm not even going to be embarrassed... because it is what it is!!!

So... here we go....

The current state of... the kitchen:

Yes, I know that the faux bricks, cabinets and orange counters are HIDEOUS... but it is what it is and we don't have the money to re-do it at this point! The main thing I'm getting at here... is that I have dirty dishes on EVERY part of the counter (ok, the ones in the rack are clean). I promise, I did all of the dishes yesterday... but then the dinner dishes stacked up and then breakfast... and well, there they are! Waiting for me to grace them with my presence! If ever we decide to stay in this house forever and get the money to re-do the kitchen... I will insist on a dishwasher. I've never had one in my life... but I really think I'd like one!!

Next up...

The current state of... the dining room:

Now THIS is a nightmare!! However, if we put an hour into getting it straightened up... it probably would clean up pretty easily! Back in 2002, I bought myself this big loom. I had every intention of using it ALL of the time. Maybe starting a business from home selling things such as rag rugs, blankets, scarves, tables runners, etc. HA! As you can see... it is gathering more junk than anything! There is my sister's old crib that we need to haul back to her place, the A/C from our bedroom, a storage tote with loom items and other miscellaneous things, most of which just need to go into the basement for storage! Maybe I can talk Cory into helping me get some of this stuff taken care of this weekend and actually rearrange/organize this room! Obviously with a 56" loom taking up most of the space... we have no dining room table--but maybe some day! (And then that table would probably collect junk! haha!)

The current state of... the living room:

Other than the dog toys and some stuff on the coffee table... this is not usually how my living room looks. Especially the new furniture! However, the other day, Cory discovered that the cat had scratched the cushion on the sofa... so this is the effort of trying to keep the cat off of the furniture. It hasn't worked... our next try.... aluminum foil.

The current state of... the NEW recliner:

See the hole? Yep, I found that the day the furniture was delivered. We have since called the company (that day) and they are going to send someone out to check it out and replace it. Oi vey! Guess that little tag that said "Thoroughly Inspected by So & So..." wasn't very accurate!

The current state of... Baby's dresser:

This was my dresser when I was a baby. Back then, it was white. Years later, my mom decided to use it somewhere else and started painting it forest green. (Really, mom?) She didn't finish painting it... so it is a mix of white and green. This has been on the to-do list all summer.... but with our basement project taking up so much time (and me not really able to help)... it's gotten a slow start. Doesn't look like it will get done in time to be in the nursery (we can't keep working on it in the basement because the fumes just consume the house and we can't afford to open all of the windows/doors in this cold weather)... so perhaps it will be ready sometime this spring. I'm crossing my fingers! I'd really love to have it right now! hee hee

The current state of... my mind:

I wanted to thank those of you who left comments on yesterday's post. I am doing pretty good about things now. Your comments... and my husband... put things in a little better perspective. I am overly sensitive about my weight to begin with... and sure, my doctor(s) may not have the best bed-side manners, however... it IS important to be healthy. I am not going to deny myself the occasional cookie or ice cream... but I do need to make sure that I am not gorging myself on whatever I can get my hands on. (Let's face it, sometimes it's really tempting!!) And like Cory was telling me, I will be glad after the baby comes that I have been careful (even if it was mostly because of my doctors comments) because I won't have as much to lose. He even found this website that you can enter your pre-pregnancy weight and height... and see roughly what weight you should be at depending on how far along you are. It actually says that I am RIGHT where I need to be (115 lbs is the LOWEST end of my BMI.. 147 is the highest... so I was only like 6 lbs overweight to begin with--TAKE THAT DOCTOR GUY!). So, I am breathing a little easier about it all and I am so thankful to have the support of all of you and those around me! It means a lot! You guys ROCK!

... Now... about those dishes.....


  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better about things today. A baby belly is a beautiful thing and you deserve to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, not be hounded about a few pounds!

  2. Oh come on, your house looks like anyone else's who actually LIVES in their house...and doesn't have a maid. Well, except for your dining room :) I think you might need a maid in there!

    I missed yesterday's post, so I guess I better read. If your doc is bugging you about your weight again I'm going to have to come and kick his butt!

  3. I absolutely love the babies dresser! What a precious heirloom! I can't wait to see it all fixed up!


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