Thursday, October 7, 2010

23.5 Weeks!

Last night, I was laying in bed trying to sleep. My mind was racing about all sorts of things, like it usually does if I don't read before turning off the light. Cory was asleep beside me (already!) and the dog was snoring on the floor.

Then... all of a sudden, the baby decides it's circus time... not bed time! Holy acrobatics, batman! I laid there and literally laughed out loud at how crazy the movements were. It wasn't just a little bump here and there. It was like cartwheels and jumping jacks!

I can't believe Cory didn't wake up! I'm pretty sure the whole bed was shaking with my laughter!!

Anyway, once the excitement died down... I started thinking again. Except this time, I was thinking... Holy Crap... that's a BABY INSIDE ME... MOVING!

And... I only have 4 months until I have a baby in my arms!!

And... sometimes baby's come early! It could be less than 4 months!

And... I don't have ANYTHING ready!

But then I also thought... WOW. What a blessing! I'm a mom. Right now... I am a mom. No matter that it is still growing inside of me... that baby is there and no matter what happens... I'll always be a mom. It's just incredible! I guess I haven't really let it sink in. (I think it's still sinking in).

So... here I am at 23.5 weeks.

It's funny because when I look down at myself, I don't feel very big. However, when I see a picture of myself... I feel like I look huge! But it is what it is! And I am trying really hard to eat good (since my last appointment)... and I'm praying that all continues to go well!

Next appointment... Oct. 28th. Then I'll only have 3 months left! AHH! :)


  1. I'm so glad to read along your journey.
    It's an amazing thing, and although sometimes overwhelming it can be so nice to just sit down and soak it all up!

  2. aww you're definatly not very big yet, but you certainly have one beautiful baby bump. That lil babe will be here before you know it!

  3. you look very cute as a pregnant mama! Enjoy your pregnancy, that's where the memories begin!

  4. You look fantastic!!! I am quite proud and excited of my role as favorite Auntie! ;)

    I think Auntie Katy sounds better than just plain 'ole Aunt Katy...what do you think??? ;)


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